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Please make cm portal scroll can force spawn portal

  • Server : telsiai

  • Team Name :

  • Location : skalda outskirts 3ch

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : everyday whole day

  • Evidence : i dont have cuz that guy straight logout when im in range. but i see him on mini map with mapmate addon


i dont have evident so maybe its not bot but be a retard kid or something that keep spawn portal in very different spot

so kindly need to ask for special option for cm portal item due this is premium item. please make it special.

best regard image

Wouldn’t this cause more issues? IF you could overwrite the portal…wouldn’t people just troll and summon it randomly everywhere? Forcing you to use more than one scroll? I think the person might just have hit a mob that had a portal. Unless its common place that there are no portal mobs in there


i have 15scroll free everyweek and 100 from cm box
and x4 from my fix pt cm = i have 75free scroll per week +500 total which i can use til next year

so dont worry abt me bro. and all of us who annoy this guy from the bottom of our heart
i dont mind to spam 1 TIME CM PORTAL VOUCHER in each time i need to do cm

u said that guy might accident hit mob and summon portal

Y E S he is accident. accident like this 2month alrdy

u said in case some ppl troll by spam voucher other spot. this guy do this and doing like this for 2 month not troll?

i dont want argue. please listen me and think abt my side too


nah, thats why they make sage teleport shop

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or they can overwrite portals but with a cooldown to stop portal trolling

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help me put sage shop please

Fixe a location for the portals… obs: theses suggestions topics are meme. Nobody will help us.

Wouldn’t this cause more issues? Just make the item to spawn a portal in a fixed location. EZ boy.

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ya, didn’t think of that , that could help with the trolling. But still what happens when someone doesn’t want to do that specific area? then we are still fighting. But I like that suggestion it works to solve the issues I was thikning about with people being trolls

It could work, but the addition of new maps would basically have to cater to making fixed CM points. If a fixed point sucks (as per developers ideas) it could mean a lot of walking back to the portal. Would also negate the idea of portal monsters.

A fixed statue might help to get you into the CM might work. A regular CM portal elsewhere but there is a statue that lets you enter? Maybe at a cost of a portal scroll, but that would require balancing.

Like how to old dungeons entrances use to be in the fields and you have to walk to them

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put a sage with multy places on the same map return with camp

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