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Please, make a DECENT ticket system

Just a little salty thread to tell some of my ticket got “answered” by their eternal (approximative)"since we haven’t any answers from you, we close this ticket"
I checked my tickets EVERYDAY since mid october until today. No response, THE TOTAL VOID.
And what I got this evening? This lovely answer, with one response from 1st november who popped like a flower <3 Please IMC, at least do something, if you can ;3

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It’s okay, when you get the same answer for more than one year, for a bug that you were never refunded for (4000TP from first week of guild wars, that where never given thanks to the bugs while some other guilds could claim them).
Or when you get a reset circles scroll for the templar change, but can’t reset the templar with it. Why? 'Cause you’re guildmaster, and only templar.
But everything is fine, we’ll get R9, eventually.

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I’m also having problems with ticket support, my STEAM account was stolen, the thief entered the game and changed the guild to another character and deleted, I retrieved the Templar account later, I sent a note to the IMC explaining what happened, she asked me for more details and was sent, but for more than 8 days that I have no more answers, I told the other guild members to also send a ticket, for days we have no answer, is this game no longer supported? how to play a game that is not supported? This support system is depravable from Tree of Savior! If there is no response in the tickets, they will lose more players, if they do not respond to me this week, I will stop playing, I have never seen it, play without the support of the game, the game is getting worse and the IMC does nothing to solve!

Send more and more tickets. But not on the one you started, send new ones.
When I had an issue they also ignored me for weeks, months, even if I kept sending more. But when I opened new tickets they’d reply faster. Maybe they don’t even get the notification of “you received an answer on this open ticket” and only from new tickets >.>
I have no idea what’s going on with this ticket staff, but the support is really bad.

You could also ask the forum staff’s help, maybe @STAFF_Letitia, @STAFF_Yuri or @STAFF_Ines who seem to be currently around to see if they can get more information about it ?