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Please let us auto match "WITH PARTY" for any content

I really need to play WITH friends.
Please do not split us apart and always do SOLO for any content like this – it have no fun.


I second this. This is also a way to avoid alts from pubs. Just very annoying after queing for 10 minutes the member u get are weakling alt

Just make a party and go for the party raid then. Or maybe it’s too difficult compared to the automatch version?

One thing that is missing till day one is seeing the class of the people in Q. This would prevent waiting for 10+ minutes and find out everyone chose their healer for the run…

So sad. We are struggle with gear score that no body can play with each other, only can do Tel Harsha(endlessly spam for 72 pieces of material) - any randomly automatch and play with stranger.

Hard Mode of any raid are impossible and my party are bored that we cannot play with our friends – from 10 ppl (2party) → 3 weeks pass → now we have only three of us.

— and the fact that Healer is not playable now for returner/new player because we need to do soloTelHarsha + ChallengeMode(silver+item) + DS(silver+item) + AetherGemLevelUp + SoloSnake and Door for gearscore that made this game worst than ever for us.


Back then there were Normal difficulty versions of raids that can be enjoyed with friends. I really don’t get why they like killing their game.

Here is why your friends left

  1. There is nothing to do except raid and farm. You can’t force players to do menial tasks like field farming, bullying easy raids and dig for relics. They are not worth ANYBODY’S precious time.

  2. The limit to entries are imbalanced. Since raids are one of the very few contents casual players are able to enjoy (not everybody here are veterans and whales) , make it so that they have more ways to get raid entries. Oh wait, you KILLED auto match recipe drops yesterday.

  3. The Hard Raids are too difficult, while Entry requirements for auto-match are too demanding. To meet those requirements you have to raid/farm, but you can’t farm/raid because you’re too weak. The solution is the problem.

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Not mentioning the five transmutors you need to cough each time you want to do this. Most people can’t waste those scarce resources for casual content…

Nobody left in automatch Qs to do those now because of that, even if you get more rewards now. That’s sad. It’s now solo or join fixed parties for the hard versions.

As mentioned in another thread, the game assumes now that you’re level 470 with an earring and you’re either the “main” character that used all the freebies to make your way up to the requirements, or you’re an “alt” and you have to funnel resources from your main before you can participate in endgame raids. In any case even if you did the Moroth tutorial you’re left with 20 levels of endless solo CM, and you’d better have a few x32 exp books to use for them, otherwise you’re in for some BORING stuff to do for a long while…

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