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Please, just give us gemstone and TBL 24/7!

First, sorry about my bad English.

I just want to do some PvP. I don’t care if I can’t pick more rewards after some time, but these schedules are ridiculous! I really don’t understand.

Pick the Guild Wars 2 for example. In there, we can do PvP all the day (with rewards), but there is a lot of PvE content too. We have a lot of PvE content, so… what are u guys waiting?

Please, understand, a good PvP helps a lot to sustain the lifetime of games like Tree Of Savior.

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Hello Savior,

We value your honest feedback about our game features/events. Rest assured that your feedback will receive proper attention as we develop future contents and updates.

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Thank you Francis!!!

i thought the PVP Zone 24/7 was already mentioned by 100s of people like since 4 years… right when the TOS ever began…

You fell for the same Old trick…didnt you matheus…LOL

So you’re ignoring the fact that you can challenge pvp anyone you meet everywhere?

No. I just don’t like this kinda of PvP. Ok bro?

No no. I’m just being polite.