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Please investigate Burgers in Telsiai

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :

Server Name: Telsiai

Team Name: Burgers

Character Name: Raging

Bug Description :
Using of his own equipment in Gemstone Feud (Uniform)

I was always wondering how this big bully could be killing people so easily in 1 hit while it still takes a good few hits to die in Uniform mode of Gemstone Feud. So I tried memberinfo-ing this person multiple times throughout the Gemstone Feud round. Turns out, he was bugging the game and was able to use his own equipment (see screenshot with +22 Glacia and Level 4 Vaivora) and a PVP Random Ichor.

Please do something about it, thanks.

Screenshots / Video :

WOW, yn people, are u first day know them? They are the people who love to investigate bugs and abuse bugs . Shame on them :sweat_smile:

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^this you mean GS? :speak_no_evil:

But yeah, no wonder this dude can kill my full tank healer paladin in 1 rampage…disgusting!

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good to know this bug still exists. he use this bug for years already

Trash guild is just trash… nothing redeemable about them.

just move on, Young&Noob, GaySimp, and Megalulz… most their members are bug abuser and RMT seller.

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@GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri

@STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ines

I suspect this bug happens with scouts who have skills that allow auto swapping of weapons. I don’t think they’ll be interested in fixing this bug anytime in the future, because they’ll be deleting this content anyway. If you were hoping for some kind of punishment, then be ready to be disappointed. Remember those severty bug abusers? They got a week ban, lol that’s it. A slap in the wrist!

Wow that’s rather disappointing.

Well I guess if they aren’t gonna get fixed soon and they won’t get any punishment, some form of public humiliation/attention might be good for them.

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imc >FIXED< this
they are going to remove gemstone feud on next updates

Damn im 2 weeks late to see this.
no wonder this dude can kill me with just corsair hook and pull.

Bumping this for no reason just because its hilarious seeing certain group of people hoping so hard this will slowly sink to bottom and be forgotten :rofl:

honey, its time for our weekly bump