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Please hire a REAL translation team

The translation in this game is very bad, most of the english doesn’t make sense. Information that is vital to gameplay is not being shown or is mistranslated. It’s all well and good to have a dedicated group of fans to help with a translation, however the current translation in this game is not up to a professional standard. The ability descriptions are very poorly worded, and they often don’t convey what the skill does.
For example.
Makes an enemy lethargic.
Phys atk -6
Mag Atk -6
Evasion -6
Duration 30 seconds.

Inflicts damage on an enemy by creating a powerful earthquake in front of you.
Atk 112
aoe ratio 4

No mention of the fact that Earthquake hits twice on targets affected by lethargy. Lethargy’s description is pointless, and doesn’t convey what the skill does at all at a glance. Earthquake doesn’t make any mention of being AOE until you see aoe ratio. AOE ratio… this stat is not explained in the game, and is not intuitive as to how it actually works. Here is a sample of how abilities should read.

Debuffs enemies in an area by reducing their offense and evasion. If an enemy with lethargy is hit by earthquake they will be hit twice.
atk -6
mag atk -6
eva -4

The ground in front of you shakes after a small cast time, causing earth damage in an area. If any enemies are affected by Lethargy, they will be hit twice by Earthquake.
Dmg 300
area 4 meters

Another thing, don’t list a bunch of individual attack values, have the final damage on an enemy with no armor listed, don’t make us do math, do the math so it’s visible at a glance how stat changes on gear and such affect abilites.


This is not a translation issue, the KOREAN texts are written in a similar format and DO NOT list these ‘hidden’ functions. Similar to the interaction with Deprotection Zone & Hand Knife and whatever other skills have. This isn’t a translators fault if the information was not mentioned in the original language.


"No mention of the fact that Earthquake hits twice on targets affected by lethargy. "
Hidden mechanics exist to be found out by trying things out.


Very well then, make some real goddamn tool tips. hidden interactions are stupid, information clarity is vital to games. We as players cannot make decisions about our characters and hope to have them be good decisions without all of the information that is prevalent.

Oh yes and here’s yet another example cuz it’s ■■■■■■■ stupid.
Lethargy: additional damage
Enemies affected by lethargy will take 20% additional damage per attribute level from [strike] attacks.

Well this very obviously doesn’t double the damage of strike attacks, since I used it, and saw literally 0% increase in damage. over a period of an hour. still continued to hit for 108 regularly, nothing even close to 200.


Hidden interactions make a game fun and interesting, if you don’t find it fun, wait until everything is figured out before you play. Your supposed to make decisions with the information available at the time and mend them when better information is gained.

Enemies affected by lethargy will take 20% additional damage per attribute level from [strike] attacks

Wizard’s don’t have any [strike] attacks. This is to combo with other members you play with.


If you don’t know how AOE ratio works, DO SOME RESEARCH on it before you post something like this.

meters? lol

Personally I wouldn’t mind the trial and error process to learn the class, I actually prefer that approach to reading what others say and guessing how it feels when yo uactually play.
If circle, stats and skills reset were all implemented I would have no problem with these “hidden” mechanics. To bad they aren’t…

Also, if it was just a translation problem, you ought to see it this way: a bunch of volunteers volunteered to transalte the game, allowing us (the non korean-speaking folks) to play now. If they had to go through a professional translation maybe we would still be waiting because of the costs involved. So even if it was the translators’ fault, which I understand it actually isn’t, I wouldn’t mind at all.

you gonna pay for the translators? … thought so… typical.

OP is correct a team of 4 translators and a team lead would have this done from start to finish in 6 months from alpha to content complete.

I’m sorry but, IMC are greedy little rats that want to pennny pinch everywhere.

Just look at this game…it’s totally broken due to the incompetence of the production manager

Hey GL when this goes FTP, also guys…Expect the translations to be the worst you’ve ever seen when you hit end game because, i’ll bet it’s still in korean knowing this company

IMC gave us the option to either translate it ourselves or not have an international version. This game wasn’t worth the money to do more than bare minimum.

You want better tooltips and translations? Head over to github.

I did, when I bought early access, and if the game actually bothers to improve enough to the point where I stick around, I will continue to do so with my cash shop purchases. You’re not very bright.

The problem isn’t necessarily that fans translated it, it’s that there is ZERO quality control whatsoever. Most of the translation comes off as dry and boring, and some is just ■■■■■■■ word salad. See the example below:

I understand that this game is fan translated, but please hire an editor or something to read this before it goes live. The translation quality right now is downright embarrassing.

I forget which goddess it is in the demon prison questline, but she mentions being uncapable of doing something important at the open gap in the prison.

Uncapable. That’s what she said.

This immediately came to mind:

You don’t even have strike attacks aside from your staff melee as a wizard you dork. My wizard buddy uses it all the time and it’s a massive increase to damage. At least know what you’re talking about before you complain man.

We’re at half a million people about if steam spy is correct… ToS has been in beta or live around the world for over a year. If it makes sense that someone probably brought up what you found before. They probably have.

< insert Fight Club quote here >

You can help by revising lines, as I did. There’s a lot of limits as to what you can change, but phrasing, structure, and punctuation were things I altered a lot. although I honestly didn’t do much in the larger scale of things.

I’ll do some revisions on Orsha and those descriptions if I have the time later hehh

Also I realize that the translation is clunky but do try to appreciate the work that went into the fan translation. It’s incredibly hard to properly translate from an asian language to a western one, and doing thousands of lines is really a lot of work. I’ve only gone over 650ish lines, and it takes a loong time if the lines aren’t quest titles. Give it time, and things will get smoothed out.