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Please fix or change forums - 502 bad gateway

So I replaced my topic because it is horrible today again and I rly had enough of this. Please fix it or make a different one if you can’t make this work.
I get a lot of 502 bad gateway errors and can’t even reach the forums and when I can a lot of times I still can’t post or like stuff…
It’s rly like this for over an year now… and it is annoying and I’m sure it is not good for new users either.

@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan

For me it is still an almost everyday thing… What’s more annoying than bugs and stuff in the game…? Well if you can’t even whine about it on forums… XD

After maintenances it is good for a while…1-2 days at max… and then error…error…error… and with 1% chance I reach the forum…and then with 0.1% chance I can maybe post or like something…
Do I need RNGesus for the forums too?

Do others still have this problem too? Did you just get used to this or something? Or is it just me?

I realised it also has something to do with my account or it just makes it worse because if I’m not logged in I can freely check the forums without the 502 bad gateway… I saw the oops 500 one happening that way too tho…


Just thinking about it ugh!

Lets count how many errors I get before been able to post this…


Forum+Website are only broken all the time for what? one year? or is it two already? Dont need to fix that ofc


and (for me) it is more often broken in Chrome than Firefox (both newest versions). so weird


Yeah it kind of sucks.
I check the forums almost daily, and I get error’d 3-5 times usually.

It used to be fine after that, but now even loading threads will fail sometimes… and I get errors liking posts too.


Also been getting this issue often as of late, both on desktop and mobile. Feels like the forums software (Discourse) is falling apart and the admins don’t know how to fix it. Always preferred more stable forum software like phpBB and IP Board, but so many people here praised Discourse’s ability to update in real-time, which is its only benefit over other forum software.


This is why I asked… Can’t we just have a simple forum if this one doesn’t work?

I like this one and all but if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work… and I still would prefer a forum that actually works than a nice forum that I can’t even reach normally like 70-80% of the time…

( it’s funny tho that it kinda works today for me… no error… YET )


One of the worst aspects of this is potential users that will never participate on the forums now, and instead don’t return. Possible new players as well may come across the forums and not bother.


Oddly this site seems to work better on my mobile phone. I have yet to 502 from there.

Servers are worse than their ingame servers, didnt think that was possible.

Out of curiosity, where is everyone viewing the forums from? Perhaps this may shed light on whether or not this is truly a forums issue or a server issue.

I’m viewing from North America.

south america
getting tired of 502 errors

I’m from Europe so it seems already quite diverse.

NA here as well

/post must have 20 errors

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