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Please enable transfer from Fedimian to Klaipeda

Please. I’m not just asking for a temporary applications period. Just let players join a live server. Or close Fedimian entirely and transfer all accounts. The server is dead. Market is empty, there are no people running instances. Honestly, it is way past due time for this server termination. It should’ve been closed in 2017, that way more players would’ve probably stayed. But I still want it to happen. If TOS is still supported and will continue receiving updates, there is no reason to bully Europeans and continue dividing the playerbase that is tiny to begin with. Latency is a non-issue. I can’t imagine how economy could be affected by the merge. Premium content is non-issue as well because EU support packs have always been more expensive than NA. Just let it happen.


I would say the same for Silute. Merge servers is a must.

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Nobody escapes Fedimian, buddy

We already discussed this (all three of us) and decided that you’re not going anywhere


I queued right after reset, not a single player registered (lv 300 dungeon)
And also I spotted an ancient evil, now I understand how Fedimian still has like 50 accounts online - half must be his bots.
I hope it’s just someone trolling because the original bot farmer didn’t speak English and had his name spelled in lowercase

That’s a fake Schwarznagger (he’s got the name to meme).
And no one queues dun 300 cause it’s dun 300

True, although he’s still right about the problem with the population. It’s gotten even worse now… this update has made some changes geared at bigger servers. For example, you need more people to even get into TBL now. It would be convenient if we had a larger population but now it just means that you’re locked out more of the time

TBL is still okay, we did 2 hours of matches yesterday, i agree partially on merge.
My opinion is that we should have at LEAST shared market between fedi-klai, and silute-telsiai (tp price match).


Yeah for sure – even if they don’t merge everything due to TP problems I don’t see any reason for IMC to avoid this, so fingers crossed

if your complain is that you don’t find people for dungeon 300, sorry but that probably happens in every server… when you reach to lvl 400 then maybe you’ll find someone.

Yeah there are less people in fedimian and too many alts but I don’t want to play with perma lag neither

Pretty much all lag I ever experienced in TOS was caused by poor server performance, not latency. And Fedimian has always been the least stable. Anyway, latency below 200ms is fine. I get 120ms latency to Klai and it should be around 90ms for players in Western Europe.

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i have 200ms to na and 20 to eu

Mmo empty market is sign of omen where game economy is dead. Don’t worry though they will eventually rush the server merge probably end of next year or even earlier given in 2021 tos lost half it’s player base from 2020. There may be some spike around March but most likely it’s just multis leeching anniv reward followed with steep decline. So the option is either you rush to endgame, pay, or just hiatus until they merge (hopefully).