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[Please Delete] How to: Tomb of the White Crow - Legend

I’m looking to get this thread deleted. I’ve made another thread that has been reformatted so if you have any comments or tips please leave it in the other thread!

This guide will be covering all you need to know about how to kill Skiaclipse and how to complete this legend raid. This guide is will be more geared towards newer players since it is still pretty much the end-game raid for most players.

There is a guide already available out there and I will be using it as well as my own experience in running the raid to write this guide. I just wanted to write something up that’s easier to read and in my style.

Hopefully by the end of the guide, you’ll feel like you can go forth and run the raid without too much trouble! Feel free to leave any comments or corrections to the guide and I’ll try to update it ASAP.

:distinguished: Table of Contents

  1. Tomb of the White Crow: Basics
  2. Possible Loot
  3. Party Composition: Buffs, Debuffs, and Balance
  4. Dungeon Mechanics & Tips: Chained Skiaclipse
    :small_orange_diamond: Skiaclipse Attack Pattern: Light pillars, falling stones, and red AOE
    :small_blue_diamond: Varnaclipse and Friends
  5. Dungeon Mechanics & Tips: Unchained Skiaclipse
    :small_orange_diamond: Skiaclipse Attack Pattern: Meteor, Swipe, Lightning, Dive, Smoke Cone, Black Clouds & Puddles
    :small_blue_diamond: Summon Orbs
    :small_blue_diamond: Black Link
    :small_blue_diamond: Bone Prison
    :small_blue_diamond: Curse
    :small_blue_diamond: Tornadoes
    :small_blue_diamond: Rampage: Last 20%
  6. List of Mechanics

:distinguished: 1. Tomb of the White Crow: Basics

Entry Cost: No entry cost — 5 weekly run limit per team

  • If you’d like to run more runs in a week, you must use 10 legend raid portal stones, which increase by 1 legend raid portal stone each run
  • Legend raid portal stones can be created by obtaining a recipe for them by running challenge modes (CMs) by using sierra powder and nucle powder

Minimum Entry Level: 420

Location: Rasvoy Lake (via the red portal)

  • You can simply warp to the location by:
    opening F10 :arrow_right: Unique Raid (7) :arrow_right: Tomb of the White Crow: Unique :arrow_right: Warp
  • Take advantage of the F10 panel for warping to other raids as well!

Raid-specific Restrictions:

Skill Limitations

  • This can be viewed in F10 in game
  • The resurrection limit can be bypassed by having the person who died leave the dungeon and then re-enter – fair warning, you can always re-enter the room with the Shadowmancer Master before it is cleared, however it’s not always guaranteed that the portal into the boss room will be there still!

:distinguished: 2. Possible Loot

After completing the raid, you’ll receive a Skiaclipse Feather (either one or two depending your luck) and Attribute Points: 1000 or Mystic Tome (one or the other, again, depending on your luck). You may also get really lucky and drop a completed piece of armor, weapon, or cosmetics!

Picture of the cosmetics

Varnaclipse Helmet Costume
Varnaclipse Costume

You can also re-roll the golden bonus cube in this raid to gain more chances at feathers or completed equipment using silver. The first re-roll costs XXX and the second re-roll costs XXX, making the grand total for one full re-roll XXX.

  • If you want to re-roll, bring the money with you before the raid starts - you won’t lose any money if you die, but you will lose gems, so keep that in mind!
  • I highly recommend that you do both re-rolls since the first re-roll is more expensive than the second re-roll by a significant amount

Head to the Blacksmith Teliavelis in Fedimian with the feathers you got along with some planium (another legend material) so you can make your Skiaclipse Varna equipment.

Where is Blacksmith Teliavelis?

Cost for weapon/shield/trinket: 19 skiaclipse feathers and 3 planiums
Cost for equipment: 7 skiaclipse feathers and 1 planium

:interrobang: Why use Skiaclipse Varna equipment instead of Savinose equipment when they’re both legend equipment and have the same stats?

Savinose equipment comes unidentified and you need to use magnifiers to re-roll the number of stat lines your equipment has and you can only put one fixed ichor into it.

Skiaclipse varna gear on the other hand, allows you to put two ichors into it - one fixed and one random which allows you the greatest control of what stats you can put on your equipment. It’s more of a hassle to get the random ichors, however, it’s well worth it in the end! It’s even more important now to have a good random ichor with the introduction of the Dysnai equipment (level 430 unidentified equipment) which have a much higher maximum stat roll than the previous set of equipment. You can check that out here.

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • I would recommend that you save up your feathers in order to craft your weapon/shield/trinket of choice since armor is generally cheaper to just buy off of the market and it takes many more feathers for a weapon
  • Healers will want to use a full cloth set in order to take advantage of this cleric art ([Arts] Cloth Mastery: Healing)
  • Most DPS players will want a full leather set in order to take advantage of the innate crit chance and physical/magic damage increase that you get from wearing 4 pieces of leather equipment (you can check this out in F3)
  • PvP players can chose between wearing leather to increase their damage or wearing plate or cloth to increase their tankiness - it depends on your classes’ survivability/buffs and what set bonus you have on your gear

:distinguished: 3. Party Composition: Buffs, Debuffs, and Balance

The only two important roles that the party requires are:

  1. A cleric who is also a priest (having revive makes the run much easier)
  2. Another player who is tanky enough to withstand the swipe attacks that Skiaclipse does
  • When Skiaclipse swipes 4 times in front of him, he must hit someone or else he gains a stack which increases his overall damage, speed, etc
  • When Skiaclipse gets 20 stacks, he goes into berserk mode which is a party wipe

This raid has been incredibly power crept since Episode 12 so most parties can complete a run before the stacks even become a problem and generally just have so much DPS that many mechanics happen all at once.

It also used to be an absolute requirement for the party to have a cleric who is both a priest and an oracle (in order to use counterspell to break the tornadoes that he spawns), however, it’s not longer necessary. An explanation will be given under “Skiaclipse Attack Pattern: Tornadoes”

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • Minimally, a party just needs to have a healer and two competent DPS so that they can break each other out of the bone prison — the last two spots can be filled with anyone really

  • If your party has a lot of DPS but not enough survivability, consider running a wizard to take advantage of Magic Shield: Protect Party, one of the best party damage mitigation skills in the game (just be sure to refresh it) or running multiple healers to alternate Revive, however, it’s not ideal since you are also sacrificing DPS

  • If your party has enough survivability but not enough DPS, consider running an Oracle (Divine Might, Death Sentence, and Prophecy: Increase Damage), a Dievdirbys (Statue of Goddess Laima), a Miko (Omikuji and Kagura - only beneficial if your party is more magic attack orientated), a Pied Piper (Lied des Weltbaum)
    — These are just some of the examples I could think of, there are plenty of ways to balance your party’s DPS and survivability for a quick and successful run!


:distinguished: 4. Dungeon Mechanics & Tips: Chained Skiaclipse

Once you enter the red portal, you’ll be placed in a room with the Shadowmancer Master and everyone must talk to her in order for her to spawn another red portal.

Portal Room with Shadowmancer Master

  • This is the perfect time to buff up and eat any buff items you might have (eg. Settlement Support Potion)
  • This is also the perfect time to use a Miracle Seed and/or Goddess Sculpture

Once you enter the (new) red portal, you’ll be placed in the boss room with Skiaclipse in the middle and a cut scene will start where he breaks the orbs around him which ends with him using his red AOE attack.

Spawn Point

  • This can be avoided if the healer spams fade while the cut scene is going on or each player can spam their own i-frames or mobility skills to jump towards the middle
  • You can also jump over this attack (it takes 3 jumps), it just takes a little practice!

:small_orange_diamond: Light pillars, falling stones, and red AOE

Light Pillars:

  • Skiaclipse spawns 5 white light pillars that follows the players around
  • If you have magic shield on, this will absolutely shrek your SP so be sure to click it off your buff bar beforehand or simply run around when he spawns them until it goes away
Picture of Light Pillars

Falling Stones:

  • Stones will randomly drop around the map
  • Each stone that hits the player will give the player one stack of Skiaclipse’s debuff
    – Once a player reaches 100 stacks, the boss will deal a 10-20% max HP damage to all players every 3 seconds
    – As mentioned before, since most players are dealing excessive amounts of damage in this raid, this isn’t really a problem anymore
Picture of Skiaclipse's debuff

Insert pic here

Red AOE:

  • Skiaclipse will occasionally inflict a red circular AOE around him, starting with a small red ring that increases in size 2 more times with the last ring dealing the most damage
  • You can avoid this attack if you stand very close to Skiaclipse while fighting him
  • You can also jump over this attack if you are caught outside of the small circle inside the ring where the AOE does not hit
Picture of Red AOE

:small_blue_diamond: Varnaclipse and Friends

At 70% / 40% / 10%, Skiaclipse will spawn 6 mobs from one of the four diagonal directions of the map and they will head towards Skiaclipse and if they reach him, they will start healing him for 1% HP per second

Picture of Spawn Points

  • It’s very important for you to act fast and call out which direction the mobs are coming from and quickly grab aggro while heading towards the edge of the room

Once you have the mobs grouped up and away from Skiaclipse, everyone must work together to kill all the mobs within 5 seconds of each other

Picture of Revive Timer

Insert pic here

  • If you do not kill all of the mobs before the timer counts down to 1, the mobs will revive with full HP which means the mobs’ HP bars will all be out of sync
    – At this point you can wait until the revive counter counts down and then you can carefully bring down the out-of-sync mob’s HP to match the others
    – My recommendation would be to kill all of the mobs to start the revive counter on ALL of them and wait until they all spawn with full HP and try to kill them at the same time again
  • Saving some AOEs to use on the mobs before each threshold will ensure that you successfully clear this mechanic
  • You can skip the 10% mob spawn if your party has enough DPS to bring the boss down from 10% to 5% before the mobs reach you

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • Skiaclipse will break free from his cage once he reaches 5% HP
  • Oracles can use Twist of Fate on Skiaclipse all throughout this raid without healing the boss so it’s a great way to make sure you skip the 10% mob spawn
  • Dievdirbys should give the party new statue buffs before the second phase starts since the second phase can sometimes require lots of moving which can make catching the statue buffs again more difficult
  • In general, if you have any short buffs, be sure to use them before you move onto the next phase


:distinguished: 5. Dungeon Mechanics & Tips: Unchained Skiaclipse

Once Skiaclipse phases into the second half of the fight, there will be a short cut scene that is followed by the boss immediately dropping a meteor on one of the players

  • To avoid getting hit by the meteor, make sure everyone starts moving right away

It’s also good to decide beforehand where on the map everyone would like to start the fight

  • I recommend starting at 9:00 (directly left of center) and rotating clockwise against the edge of the map once the area becomes too crowded with black clouds and white puddles
  • For this reason, it’s best to fight the boss away from the middle of the map otherwise it will really make it difficult for you when you are teleported to the middle for the Bone Prison mechanic

:small_orange_diamond: Skiaclipse Attack Pattern: Meteor, Swipe, Lightning, Dive, Smoke Cone, Black Clouds & Puddles


  • Skiaclipse will summon a meteor (yellow circular indicator will appear) every 35 seconds which deals 150k damage and will inflict a Heat debuff every time it lands that ramps up in damage with each stack and lasts for 40 seconds
  • If no one tanks the meteor, 4 people will get 1 stack of the Heat debuff
  • If the meteor hits any players, those players will share the 150k damage and each gain 1 stack of the Heat debuff
    – You can have someone tank the meteor while using an i-frame or just avoid one or two here and there to manage the amount of heat stacks you may have
  • The burn damage will depend on how much HP Skiaclipse is missing, meaning that as the fight progresses, the harder it’ll tick
    – You can help remove the debuff faster by using Krivis’ Aukuras
    – You can also enchant your top/bottoms/shield with the Healing Effect (5% reduction to all debuff durations) which will give you a 15% reduction to debuff duration which means the heat debuff will run out before the next meteor hits
  • Thank you to @Orin-Z for the information about the meteors!

Swipe: Skiaclipse will slash in front of him 4 times

  • As mentioned before, a player must be hit by this attack or else Skiaclipse will gain a stack
Picture of Skiaclipse's stacks

Insert pic here


  • Skiaclipse will raise his arm and summon a lightning bolt on the furthest player from the boss and if he strikes a player, he will stun them and then dive them
  • A red indicator will appear 1 second before the lightning strikes giving you the chance to walk away from it
Picture of Lightning and Red Indicator

Insert pic here

Dive (only happens if the lightning strikes a player):

  • If Skiaclipse is successful with his lightning attack, he will dive the area where the lightning struck
  • A red indicator will appear a second before he dives
  • Clerics can fade their allies to cancel the dive but ONLY if they manage to do it before Skiaclipse starts to jump at all (the time window is very short for fade to work)
  • Players who are caught in the lightning attack can spam their i-frames (eg. Archer’s Leap and Wizard’s Teleportation) while they are stunned and their character will use it as soon as they are able to move, saving them from the attack
  • Players who use shields can also hold down their subweapon attack button while stunned and they will block the attack with their shields (useful for clerics without i-frames)
  • If the boss hits a player with lightning and they are far away, the boss will travel closer to that player and then dive — be sure to call this out to your teammates so they know not to stand in the dive zone!

Smoke Cone:

  • Skiaclipse will raise both of his arms in the arm and fire a huge blast of smoke in a cone shape in front of him
  • Players can either i-frame this attack or sprint through Skiaclipse or to either side of him (but do not sprint away from him!)

Black Clouds & Puddles:
These two attacks look very similar to each other (black circular AOEs) except the clouds have a more pronounced swirly cloud animation in them and they both deal continuous damage if you stand in them

  • Black clouds cannot be broken and do not give the player any stacks
  • Black puddles cannot be broken but they do give the player stacks, these stacks become important when you are trying to break the tornadoes without any skills to destroy magic circles
  • One of these attacks follow a player (you’ll see small circular red indicators trailing behind you if you are targeted) so be sure to walk slowly if it’s following you to place the puddles/clouds in one spot to keep the map from getting too disorganized

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • If you are tanking, be aware of where you are tanking the boss because although an area might be clear for you to tank, the other players may not be able to DPS the boss in a safe location — If you’re surrounded by clouds, it’s a good idea to move him
  • Be sure to call out mechanics and attacks your team can know when to group up or when to avoid you

:large_blue_diamond: Summon Orbs: 90% / 65% / 40% / 15%

Black orbs

Orbs will spawn from 12:00 / 3:00 / 6:00 / 9:00 and slowly move towards the players. If a player touches the black orbs, it will disappear and turn into a white puddle that slows players down as well as summon trash mobs

  • You can avoid this by simply destroying the orbs with ranged DPS
  • Priests can also use Turn Undead on the orbs for a chance to instantly kill them (since the orbs are demon-type)
  • If you cannot break the orbs, you can instead carefully have a player lure the orbs and break them in an area away from the fight in an effort to keep the map neat
Picture of Black Orbs

Insert pic here

Picture of White Puddles

Insert pic here

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • If you are a weaker DPS in the party, you can help your team out by dealing with this mechanic to ensure that the orbs do not turn into white puddles in the middle of the map — having lots of slows in the middle of the map will make it nearly impossible for your team to successfully clear the bone prison mechanic and it’s just generally very annoying to deal with
  • If you spawn a lot of the trash mobs, it’s easiest to deal with them by bringing them to the boss and having the whole team AOE them down
  • I cannot stress enough how important it is to deal with this mechanic outside of the middle of the map — this is especially important if your party has excessive DPS!!

:large_blue_diamond: Black Link: 85% / 60% / 30% / 5%

Picture of Black Link Command

The boss will teleport 3 random players (excluding the tank) back to him and link them together with a black link which heals him over time as long as it’s connected. Each link player must quickly run away from the boss and each other in order to break the link.

  • Players with mobility skills (eg. Wizard’s Teleportation and Assassin’s Instant Acceleration)
Picture of the Black Link

Insert pic here

:large_blue_diamond: Bone Prison: 80% / 50% / 20%

Bone prison

Skiaclipse will teleport 1 player at random to the middle of the map and that player will be silenced and slowed. After 3 seconds, Skiaclipse will put a bone prison on the player with a green circular indicator that will become a safe zone for all players when Skiaclipse does his sure-kill map-wide mechanic.

  • The player who is put in the middle will begin losing 10% of that player’s HP every second so it’s very important that your priest keeps healing the player in the bone prison
  • If the player in the bone prison dies before the sure-kill mechanic, the green safe zone will go away and then you will need to i-frame your way through the wipe
Picture of the Bone Prison

Insert pic here

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • It is very important for your priest to cast Revive before this mechanic happens in case they are the one put in the middle
    – If you do not have revive for this mechanic and your healer is in the middle, you can get around this if you have a pied piper: have the party pre-emptively break the cage and have the pied piper cast Lied des Weltbaum which gives the party an i-frame for exactly one attack (in this case, the sure-kill mechanic)
    – You can also avoid dying as the healer if you make sure you have full HP before this mechanic happens so that you’ll have about 20% HP if your team immediately break you out of the cage after the sure-kill mechanic so you can quickly heal yourself
  • If you have a lot of DPS as well as the ataka set bonus be very careful joining your party in the green safe zone because your ataka can break the cage — just simply wait until the final seconds to join your party in the green safe zone or i-frame away from the green safe zone

:large_blue_diamond: Curse: 70% / 55% / 35% / 20%

Picture of the Curse Command

Skiaclipse will curse a player at random and a red icon and red circular indicator will appear on the player. The curse will begin counting down from 5 and will explode once it reaches 0 dealing 150k true damage. You can i-frame this attack so be sure to time it correctly!

The curse can be transferred to another player by walking over to them. Once you have transferred the curse, you become immune from getting it again for 6 seconds but it will still damage you.

Picture of the Curse

Insert pic of the curse + explosion radius

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • If you cannot tank the curse, be sure to pass it onto someone who can — talk about this beforehand to remove any confusion
  • If you are a shield user, you can block this attack by holding down your subweapon attack button
  • Be sure to move away from your party if you’re tanking the bomb so as to avoid killing your teammates!

:large_blue_diamond: Tornadoes: 35% / 25% / 15% / 8%

Skiaclipse will spawn a tornado in a random location close to him once he reaches the threshold for this mechanic. If the tornado reaches Skiaclipse, it will give him berserk stacks which increases the amount of damage he deals with each attack as well as the range, most notably his lightning skill

The tornado is a magic circle which can be broken with Oracle’s Counterspell and Lancer’s Joust.

  • It can also be broken by having someone tank the tornado (by standing in it) for several seconds and this player MUST have Skiaclipse’s stacks
    – You will receive stacks from a variety of attacks from Skiaclipse, but the easiest way is to simply stand in the black puddles
    – I do not know how many stacks you must have in order to dispell the tornado, but I think having at least 5 stacks is sufficient
  • Once you dispell a tornado, you use up all of your Skiaclipse’s stacks, so be sure to pick up more to break the next one
Picture of the Tornado

Insert pic here

Picture of Skiaclipse Stacks

Insert pic here

Picture of Skiaclipse's Berserk Stacks

Insert pic here

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • If you’re struggling to get rid of a tornado, communicate that to your team and they can hold DPS, move the boss (or both) until you can get rid of it
  • It’s very important that Skiaclipse does not gain any berserk stacks because once he has enough stacks, any of his skills will be enough to one shot you

:large_blue_diamond: Rampage: Last 20%

Once Skiaclipse reaches 3%, the Shadowmancer Master will start a cutscene where she KSes your whole party and kills Skiaclipse herself. After the cut scene, anyone who is dead will be resurrected and everyone will be teleported to the middle by the Golden Bonus Cube so they can re-roll the cube if they want to.

The last 35% of the fight will be the most chaotic part of the whole fight since Skiaclipse will be summoning tornadoes which can quickly wipe a team if Skiaclipse has too many stacks. After the Bone Prison mechanic at 20%, Skiaclipse will start doing a new attack — a large groundbreaking AOE around him (similar to Onmyoji’s Toyou)

  • Making sure to give your party Revive before 20% happens is a good way to ensure everyone survives the fight
  • It’s best not to spend too much time in this phase so be sure to save enough DPS to burst down Skiaclipse as soon as possible
  • Try your best to clear the mechanics that he does after 20%, but don’t spend too much time doing so — find a balance between DPS and mechanics!
Picture of Skiaclipse's Ground AOE

Insert pic here


:distinguished: 6. List of Mechanics

Chained Skiaclipse

70% - Mobs spawn
40% - Mobs spawn
10% - Mobs spawn
5% - Skiaclipse breaks free!

Unchained Skiaclipse

90% - Summon Orbs
85% - Black Link
80% - Bone Prison
70% - Curse
65% - Summon Orbs
60% - Black Link
55% - Curse
50% - Bone Prison
40% - Summon Orbs
35%  - Tornado + Curse
30% - Black Link
25% - Tornado
20% - Bone Prison + Curse + Rampage Mode
15% - Tornado + Summon Orbs
8% - Tornado
5% - Black Link
3% - Skiaclipse is defeated!

For meteors, two things can happen:

  • Nobody is tanking the meteor: 4 people gets 1 stack of Heat debuff.
  • One or more person is tanking the meteor: 150k of damage is divided among the players taking the hit, and they also get 1 stack of Heat debuff.

Heat deals damage over time, the more stacks you have the higher the damage. Heat lasts 40s, Meteors come every 35s, and it refreshes the duration when you get a new stack, so if you just avoid all meteors, you’ll collect stacks until damage becomes unbearable. Two way of dealing with it:

  • You have 1 person taking it. With invuln skill, you don’t take damage, but it still register the meteor as being tanked so nobody gets Heat. Without invuln, you can take turns or let one meteor go, as 1 stack of heat does’t hurt that much.
  • You go to a Enchanter shop and you get “reduce debuff duration” on top/pants/shield. With 15% debuff reduction, Heat will run out before next meteor comes so you won’t build stacks no matter what. I haven’t tested if 10% reduction is enough.

fun thing about cage phase, if skia cant see all of your party (AKA skia got blind debuff / your party use any invisibility skills like fade) he just chilling there and do nothing… ergo, you skip the cage phase. works at solo skia L too.

about tornado and puddle stacks, its confirmed need minimun of 5 stack.

You may want to note that this attack will only happen if a player or players have over 20 skiaclipse stacks, and he will direct it at the person or pick someone to direct it to if multiple people have over 20 stacks.

Since it complicates the fight, recommend to have the person over 20 stacks drop off all of their stacks as soon as possible, especially sub 20% as Smoke Cone will cause significant damage and may cause a wipe.

Thank you for you messages @lwzuochi and @Remiri , I’m still working on the guide and I’ll add the new info in a bit. Funny thing about the blind is that I struggled with that on my sorc for like two weeks and just found out that the blind messes up the cage real bad :<

On another note, I’d like to reformat my guide and break up my post about Skiaclipse’s attacks in the second phase since it ended up being much longer than I anticipated.

Is there any way to do that easily? Ideally I’d like to just delete my guide and re-post it.

I’m planning to start doing Legend raids and this guide will help a lot, any link to other legend raids? The velcoffer on seem rushed …

Siege Burst: has left.

@GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian Can someone please delete this thread? I have made a new one that is correctly formatted. Sorry for the trouble