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Please Dear IMC

Please dear IMC, dont take my pokemons away :frowning:



Since the event was bugged anyway and people often couldn’t enter the dungeon, I propose to extend the event till xmas!


at least some compensation for all the wasted time trying to enter the cursed bernice event map would be appropriate

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Right. Even if they removed the rewards
I just want the collecting idea!!

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IMC you can take my Organs over my dead body


IMC, Solcomm deserves better. :sun_with_face:
But seriously, I like having my summons around.

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Even if they are only decorative, although they do not attack or anything, please … I do not want to separate from my Ignas :cry:


Please…make this system permanent :pensive::sob:

this will likely become permanent but theres still room for improvement
especially to disable it in field boss area

Make them permanent!!

Ok, please?

But seriously, it is so rare IMC makes an event that a lot of players enjoy that is not a cash grab.

Pls listen nd make this thing permanent and not a temporary event

for now of course they are gonna remove it
but its one feature that will likely will become permanent in the near future
like how popo is stay as feature now, with an updated stuffs each 3 months

Pokemon bernice done, Next time we pokemon with uphill mode, grab your organ quickly

I guess when IMC makes a survey again on the events most enjoyed by players, this would be on top of the list. It would help if IMC ask players what particular aspect of this event did they like - utility of summons, aesthetics, etc. - and build on those responses in the design of future events.

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