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Please change the Shoggoth's fixed appearance

Let our Shoggoths take a form that resembles the card creature used.To support this, Lovecraft’s shoggoths were able to mimic any tissue and organism, so it would make sense for the cards to influence it’s appearance.
What I have in mind was actually part of ToS aeons ago. Something like this:

i love the idea but we are talking about imc here
they pretty much thrifty.
that old soggoth will cost imc more money due to additional animation for each boss monster that they will need to maintain if they keep adding boss monsters card
take good look at grimoire summon. do you realize why devil boss addition for so long is only ignas and thats it? even though they added couple devil bosses monsters along the way like banshee, trampler, valdhobas, solcomm and perhaps many more. but then they never release these devil cards.its pretty much a good hint.
meanwhile they can just release necro special costume which many would dream it can change soggoth back to its previous skill animation.
one can only hope here
but not krtos community.they are the real agent of changes.but they seem doesnt care at all.or theres such minority requesting for it that imc dont feel the urges for it.