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Please change assister fusion

I don’t know why this game has this annoying feature on untradeable items. If you want the people to fuse assisters, at least make it so that only assisters can be created that are not part of the materials input into the fusion.

The current fusion system works as follows:

  • You put 3 assister cards into the fusion section of the cabinet
  • You click fuse
  • You get any assister card of the same rarity or one rarity above

The new fusion system would work like this:

  • You put 3 assister cards into the fusion section of the cabinet
  • You click fuse
  • You get any assister card of a type that has not been used as material of the same rarity or one rarity above


Fusing Nuaele + Zaura + Rexipher can result in the following cards:
unique: any unique except Zaura, Nuaele and Rexipher
legend: any legend that isn’t a legend fusion-only assister

The current system is just not efficient enough, you fuse very rare cards and always get the same cards that you used as materials. If you want to promote your TP packages, just introduce more assister cards instead of forcing players to fuse 2x Nuaele + Zaura the 20th time just to receive another Zaura or Nuaele, effectively just losing 2 cards, and then you wait another week for the next card burning.


I’m sorry, but that system isn’t Korean enough. We also need a chance to fail. :distinguished:

Joking aside, I was thinking this too, but because there’s too few cards at the moment, it would make it very easy to get what you want.

sadly there’s no recipe for assister cards … just PURE RNG! like any mechanics ingame … cards should belong to alchemists though XD add it to its skill arsenal …

they need bulk gacha assister, i hate gacha hundred album

they should just remove the “pick a card” option and just plain open the album once or “click x number” same as eating exp cards option XDD

Im in this too. Idk how many times i fused 3 legendaries to get the legendary i need. I always end up getting one of the fused card. It works like a garbage bin right now. Or you could start by making legend cards marketable, or maybe legend card fragments will come out along with the fusion result, so you are guaranteed to get 1 legendary every 10 fusions, ofc they can’t make too easy. But right now They are so hard to get only to be thrown in the trash. Not all have great RNG, i’ve been playing for almost a year and my lineup is ■■■■ :rofl::rofl: