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Please bring back Sandra's magnifiers to Goddess Grace

This flood of Brikynite is unnecessary. One of the brikynites in there should be replaced by Sandra red and blue magnifiers. Maybe the tier 2 one. Maybe bring back Practonium with magic stones too. It’s still used in some places and recipes…


altought I am too of the opinion that brikynite drop rate is perhaps now excesive with 3 spots in the lottery for getting it, remember the sandra magnifiers can be bought with gabijas for 3k and 1,5k gabijas so if you get 5k gabija you can buy one each and still have some gabija left (probably is the gabija which got the sandras spot)

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Not everybody can gamble though. Either they don’t have the money for it or they are not there in those hours. Infact JSR 10th place in telsiai will barely give a party of five 3m. The stocks on the market are gonna drop by half since only 2f farmers will become the main source of the blue ones. And soon enough, prices are gonna rise by around 200%.

Those sandras are not tradeable, so we’ll be limited by the sandras we get from gabija coins. That’s simply not enough. We won’t get able to buy from market, because people won’t be getting them.

I’ve spent thousands of red sandras and I’m gonna need more, not to mention I need gabija coins for other things. The only source of sellable red sandra is HG1, and not many people farm HG1. Even then, it doesn’t drop enough to supply the entire server.

That’s interesting info, Telsiai seems really alive right now. In Fedimian, I get 5-6m at rank 5 right now solo. So that’s about… 1m solo at rank 10? 200k per person for 5man rank 10? I would love to have your population

Yes i slid the info to let people know that nobody really gambles much anymore, so yes Gabija is more worth using on other things than rerolling gear.

Honestly we are still thankful to be still kicking but the steady decline is real even on Telsiai.

This. With daylight saving hour the JSR is postponed to 11pm, which means the Goddess Grace doesn’t start before almost half past eleven, this is really late…

That’s not that bad in fact. I remember doing JSR not so long ago, finish rank 1 with my team and getting 300k. Never did JSR since…

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