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Please add more Rapiers with special effects for Matadors (Ideas inside!)

As far as I can see there is only 1 unique weapon in the game tailered towards Matador (Moringponia Rapier) with fixed stats in the game unlike Fencer who have a multitude of such weapons. Here are some ideas I hope the development team picks up in some form.

Vaivora Rapier Du

Attack 4476-4476

Aoe attack ratio +1
Dex 177
Con 122
All Matador skills +2
If you wear a shield, Faena will always apply the maximum number of hits.

Vaivora Rapier Trys

Attack 4476-4476

Str 169
Dex 111
Crit rate 699
Aoe attack ratio +2
Paso Doble and Corrida Finale will deal 1 additional hit on shocked enemies and 1 additional hit on bleeding enemies. If enemies are shocked and bleeding, they will receive double the number of original hits from Paso Doble (4>8) and Corrida Finale (3>6).

Vaivora Rapier Keturi

Attack 4476-4476

Con 200
Str 199
Block Penetration 500
While Guardian is active, all Matador attack skills will deal 50% more dmg
Negates the damage reduction effect of High Guard

Vaivora Rapier Penki

Attack 4476-4476

Dex 150
Str 150
Evasion 500
All Matador skill levels +3
If a barbarian skill is used during backslides 5 second 100% increase evasion buff, it will bypass 50% of the enemies def.