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Playing Supports that are not healers


So, wanting to do more raid runs per week to speed up my progress, I wanna create new support characters, but playing different clerics with the same build doing the same things would get boring real fast.

Is there any way to realistically play a support Wizard, Archer, Scout or Warrior? Would they get any chance in a party for end game content?

I’m still really bad at this game, but how many DPS units do you need to clear things? Can you run 3 DPS 1 support and 1 healer?


Falcon + Piper + a dps class (mergen, musket, cannon) or appraiser


Would it work without heavy investment into gear? Or would you need at least some kind of DPS to work on end game raids?


You dont need that much gear on that build and if you dont have a good weapon pick appraiser or hunter for the 3rd class.


If it’s only a weapon then it’s not a problem tbh

Thanks for the help, I’ll see if it works later then.


With the exception of Swordman (maybe templar but hard to build since there is no other supp in the tree) I think all other class-tree have good options to support builds, and yes you can do endgame raid content with them since even if ur build is support u still have good damage if your gears are decent.