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Player RMT and toxic

  • Reason for report :
    This player, DhaniSaputra is trying to sell silver.
    Note: ‘rice’ is a well known term in Indonesia online game community as selling the game currency.

Btw he’s also once get banned in his other account named ‘Daranza’, I reported it a few months ago cause he was selling his ID. I attached the ticket screenshot as well down below. Maybe you can check his IP (Daranza & DhaniSaputra) I’m not sure same/not cause he is known to play in netcafe so IP might varies. How I know they’re the same person? Coincidentally we were in the same local Discord channel.

Also has toxic behaviour like shouting badwords and proud of it. Here, attached. Use Google Translate to get the meaning, I don’t want to write it down lmao.

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Evidence




sangad tyda santuy ko ya

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no beach ball event but this instead :hey:

truely cursed :haha:

woops wrong post Owo;;; i was supposed to comment onthe cursed shores article owO;;;

Hi @RiphToS,

Kindly send a ticket to customer support regarding this for further assistance.


@GM_Francis I already sent a ticket right after I make the thread 1 month ago. Few days later I got info that the account was banned. I also got info he has to make new ID to play and do RMT (sell silver). But around 2 weeks after that it got released, I start to see his ID again. It wasn’t perma?

im pretty sure just 3 days ago i saw him in feud, lel


pretty sure he shouted literally just now

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…instead of complaining over it…isnt there a block/mute function in game?

I have found such a command very useful in many previous mmos
and alot simpler then spending the time posting about it imo