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  • Demon Prison Story
  • Pilgrim’s Way Story

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Hi Everyone,
I wrote Idle Hands a few days ago ( Idle Hands - A Dievdirbys’ Story) and I’ve just been itching to write more. The thing is that I have two ideas for fan fiction I want to write. So I thought I’d put it up for a vote. Here are the options:

Demon Prison Story:
Henrietta, a Hoplite and Revelator truly believes she is the savior the world has been looking for. After helping the Goddess Vakarine and her Kupole, she stumbles upon a human trapped in the demon prison. Moved by their plight, Henrietta resolves herself to free these lost souls fighting against Demons and Goddess alike.

Pilgrim’s Way Story:
The Knights of Maven were once a well renowned guild. However internal politics and external pressure have caused the small group to fall from grace. To repair these internal schisms. Belladonna, Templar and Guild leader of the Knights of Maven have proposed the guild travel on a pilgrimage through Pilgrim’s Way. But they soon begin to fall victim to Naktis’ curse.

Bookmarked your link for future reading. That is a super long story or so how it seems in mobile. Maybe need more separator so I won’t accidently scroll and can’t find where i read till

Demon prison story look too simple. A heroine wishing to save the day type. And lost souls are dead. It is not empathy enough. How do lost souls connect each other when they are lost souls? It is not enough good logic to persuade a person to fight neither good or evil. A hero (eg emiya shiro) should want to save every life even if it is a impossible thing

Pilgram’s way story looks like a gem for plot twisting eg like game of thrones. There are some tough words that made me look for dictionary. Well, if it help the plot I don’t mind :+1: Hope to see more

I wouldn’t mind reading both, but there’s no option for that…


I’m most likely going to write both at some time. This poll is more to see which one I should write first.


You might be right about the Demon Prison story. I think l I’ll change it to a living person.

Edit 03/09/2016: It looks like the Pilgrim Way story won. I’ll start posting chapters in the next few weeks.