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Plague Doctor3 vs Kabbalist3 (Needing advice)


Greeting Saviors,

I am building my last PVE Healer before Re:build, but I am not really sure about how should I end it. So far I pick Cleric3>Priest2>Druid2 and I would like to pick Plague Doctor or Kabalist to end it but not sure about which of them is a better option. I am posting my ideas for those builds and I would like to read your thoughts about it.

Plague Doctor3

Kabalist 3

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I’ll just assume your stat is mostly int:

PD = dot damage (good mobs killer with lots of aoe)
Kabba = burst damage (good boss killer with very few aoe)


Thanks for your time. I am not really looking to kill anything by myself with this character, it is mostly to support my friends in raids and yes, right now INT is my main stat but I am thinking to reset it to SPR to support my heals. What I want to know is which of them will fit better in a support build and if I pick the right skills.


I never been to raids yet. But I’ve been researching about which support is better for velcoffer/raids since I started playing and Kabbalist keeps popping up. I barely read PD gets recommendations on raids. And I main support, main Kabba. So I vote for Kabba base on my experience.


I imagined that, Kabba looks way more support oriented than PD, but I was looking for a second opinion.


kabba brings more saftey.
With pd you can clean it faster “disenchant”.


About the stats, how works int vs spr when we talk about healing? Is there a big difference?


From my experience, the difference is quite huge. 400 SPR mass heal can easily reach 10k, but 400 INT is about 4-5k iirc. 400 SPR reaches 5k per heal tile, 400 INT is about 3k.


Ok, I guess I will keep with my INT build until I reach 390 and the I will swap to SPR. How much should i invest in Con? 400 SPR and all the rest in CON will be enough?



Not in Velco.

They’re both equally supporty, but in very different ways. PD specializes more in preventing you from being hit with bad status effects, or from being knocked down, and it has an incredible single target regen heal that almost nothing can kill you through outside of being oneshot. Kabba gives you more HP, can give you SP, and has a big group heal/defense buff.

Both are exceptionally good in their own way, but it depends more on playstyle and what you’d prefer. I find that for learning difficult content like Velco, kabba is better, but riskier if your’e unfamiliar, as you have the only skill left in the game which can heal Velco a lot in phase 3 when he upheavals. However, after the initial push of learning, bloodletting is just too good to pass up, because Velco’s autoattacks silence, and he does them the most often. The silence isn’t threatening, but lowers group DPS enough that bloodletting becomes a much more beneficial group support when everyone is used to the fight.

PD also has better DPS options, and is more versatile, but I would call kabba the better “group” support.


@Csiko Thanks for those side notes, I decided to go Kabba3 since the friends that I am looking to support are a bit new and I have never been a support in this game, mostly main DPS, so that extra safety from Kabba3 sounds pretty good for me :smiley:

For weapom should I use a one handed mace with shield? Or do I have other options?


1h mace or rod. Masinios and Asio Rods both have very high SPR on them, making them great choices, and the healing bonus from 1h maces is just not that important. Of course, if you can find a primus 1h mace or rod with good support stats that’s cheap, go for it.


Ok, I will try to look for the Primus then. May I wonder what stats am I looking? SPR and CON?
Lastly, for armor and accesories, Cloth armor and Max Petamion are my best options I guess, am I right?


It’s really a choice, plate is probably the best right now since just about all difficult PVE content is physical damage. And yeah, look for decent SPR/CON pieces, if they have some useful purple/blue stats, even better, but don’t go nuts.

As for accessories, Aiskus bracelets are a cheap start. Peta is good if you can get it but don’t spend too much on it.

Kite Moor and Rangovas have good supporty stats on them but Kite Moor is very expensive and not a huge upgrade, and Rangovas is a pain in the ass to obtain and more geared towards summoners… but the SPR on them is very good.


Thanks you very much, you has been really helpful.


Just do Kabba 3>PD 1, you get full uptime on Healing Factor and Bloodletting, which are the best PD support skills.