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Plague Doctor + Krivis +?

I’m tired of wasting 30 mins each time I want to do Bounty Hunt, so with one free char slot I was considering making a PD with two other cleric classes. I’m trying to use classes that I didn’t use yet, and it’s just for an alt so the build doesn’t have to be meta, so the choice is limited to Krivis, Sadhu, Pardoner, Chaplain, Kabbalist and Zealot. Krivis sounds like a no brainer and Pardoner/Kabbalist/Zealot don’t seem to fit, leaving two options:

  • Sadhu: I’ve read bad things about this class and looking at it, it sounds like one of those classes where you need to accumulate a buff and release it and I’m not fond of these
  • Chaplain: I’ve seen a vid of Krivis/PD/Chaplain ([Auto Attack] Krivis - Plague Doctor - Chaplain (End-game Build Performance) | Tree of Savior - YouTube) and it seems very cool, but the only thing I didn’t see in the vid is whether the build uses physical or magical attack (all my endgame equips are magical and I’d like to recycle them on a magic based character).

So any idea what’s better?

Otherwise I have a level 460 Druid-Exorcist-Crusader which only has a Crusader VV, so I could scrap that char and change it to PD-Krivis-Crusader to follow the new meta…

Krivis-PD-Crusader is the strongest magic DPS for cleric right now and the build only required Necrosis + Sacred Lightning level 1 to make it work! Also, Crusader is strong alone and it doesn’t required any vaivora to function.

Krivis-PD-Chaplain required level 4 Sacred Armor (Chaplain Vaivora) + Level 1 PD vaivora. It’s a magic auto-attack build, by the way, so you will be spending all your time holding the auto-attack key.

List of Skills Build/Classes Compilation for Cleric (Goddess Update):

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