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[Plague Doctor]: [Healing Build]

Hello to everyone.
I am curious about plague doctor with healing build.
I haven’t played this class for a long time and I was thinking about creating a new healer - actualy change one of my cleric builds - and put plague doctor.
I planned Plague Doctor - Oracle - Kabbalist. Like this:

Would it work? I don’t have personal experience with PD. How does he work?
Suggestions would also be good!
Thanks in advance for helping me.

I’d drop some points from Pandemic and max BDS for the Crit Resist reduc.

Healing Factor arts is insanely good especially when you have high healing ability. Pretty much makes your whole pt immortal as long as you stick together (e.g. CM, Singularity). I can’t recall if it still has the same uptime for raids (I think not, much like with PVP content, 'cause that’d be too good).

You’d have to watch your own HP though since turning that on makes it not affect you, but at least you’d only have to worry about yourself. The only time that anyone else dies would probably when they get OHKO’ed since you won’t have Revive. If the arts is not applicable to a specific content (e.g. need to spread out like Moring), you can just turn it off.

pd is good healer, can be best, but the party healing aspect of it got limitation, your party need to stay close
close healing is awesome, as long as your party members can take some blows without dying and stay close to pd they will be fine
oracle is good choice cause ppl love dm, prophecy, death sentence, and dmg reductions
as for kabba its good because it allso adds extra heals,hp steroid and revive-alike art to your build
but since diev is meta and kabba havent receive its ein sof cd reduct yet you may want to switch it to diev
but then again no revive and you will highly rely on heal and healing factor
i myself waiting kabba ein sof buff to arrive to finally kick out diev in one of my healer build
but then again i would hate gevura nerf lol

in other hand they shouldve nerf gevura in party play only, and still give the benefit for kabba for itself in form of attribute
pretty much like pass attribute give x2 cd reduction to self only or just like how healing factor work for them self
too bad they just hate to make cleric support class to be self-sufficiently awesome to possibly support the dps aspects of the build
thx to video of the guy showcasing kabba-pardoner-krivis/inq and show how they can spam skill.
though they forget the aspect that pardoner discerning evil(which also nerfed) also play very important role in this build thus these build will sacrificing 2/3 class for support and relying only 1 dps class
same thing happen when changing pardoner to diev for cd reduct, you gonna relly only in 1 dps

but yeah, ktos/ktest cleric haters community just hate the idea of cleric being great ever again
so its kinda sucks to play cleric nowadays actually
if you feel like want you to receive some love now you should play either fencer or mergen meta build
bbs and wiz meta kinda lost its charm but its still there on top ranks

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No Dievdirby/10.
The sad state of cleric

This build will actually work better after the upcoming Kabbalist update (Ein Sof giving cooldown reduction that does not stack with Diev cooldown reduction), as then you might be viable without Diev.