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Plague Doc builds?


I simply LOVE PD’s drugs - Healing Factor, Methadone, especially Modafinil - can’t live without them XD (no, really, HF lv15 is immortal mode) Meth can be substituted with Gazing Golem cards tho so it’s not that much of a priority.

My only problem is that the only build I know that has PD in it and works is Druid-PD-Sahu/Exo, but it’s problem is it’s sooooo sloooowwww in clearing mobs. First I have to gather them, then pop Chorta, then BDS, then Vine etc etc… Feels like I’m playing a piano.

Can someone help me find a PD build that has that ZOOM feeling to it like Doppel or BM? Or at least faster than DoT’ting mobs to death…

This is my idea, would it work?
PD-Zeal-Inq (never played Inquisitor so no idea how to build it beside God Smash)

full wheel, full smash, full ripper, at least 1 point on judgement
the other skills doesn’t matter that much since you will not be doing PvP, right?

For CM is ok, but not the best for other contents.
Remember that you can’t use both Fanaticism and Healing Factor.

I see, thanks ^^

One more question, does FI proc Rajapearl/Biteregina? If not, would Moa for red and Yeti for purple cards be better? I know that with this build I’ll be snorting blue pots like Charlie Sheen, but I’m not a big fan of Glass Moles…

Try this. It is really good for being tanky in CMs, is great in pvp, and does good boss damage (dont underestimate incineration) especially with sterea and decent crit accessories.

Just use velnia monkey for my build. You have both chort and BDS for 100% poison uptime. I would still get gazings even with methadone tho.

May I ask, can black death steam crit?
I am now doing zealot-druid-exo
considering change zealot to PD

Yeah but BDS isnt that impressive damage, which i left it on 1. Its mostly useful as a poison source for velnia, and to buff incineration.

PD offers a lot more utility than zealot, and healing factor makes you nearly invulnerable. I just have it on 1 and it still lets me tank everything in the game except maybe Demo Lord Rexis split lasers point blank. And as i said, the damage is good and will only get stronger when the buff comes.

Thanks for the reply, but sorry for one more question.
Is Methadone needs max out? or just max modafinil.

I was going to refer you to the skill distribution I posted, but apparently pasting a link properly was too much to ask of the android browser. @marvinconman

This is what I recommend. Methadone can be a huge DPS boost for you and your party if you time it right (Demon Lord Nuaele casting Medzio Diena for example, knocking everyone down, or when you see Velco does his Scythe combo).

IF you want to PvP, drop wheel down to 1 and invest in Iron Maiden and/or Malleus.

I’ve been messing around and I think I have finally decided on my build:



PD: HF for survivability, Modafinil for that sweet sweet movement speed, and BDS-Pandemic-Incineration combo. Don’t really need Meth and Beak Mask because I have Gazing Golem cards and BM feels situational.

Zeal: Despite the small drawback that Fanaticism doesn’t work with HF, it’s a small inconvenience. Fanatic Illusion is an awesome skill, both for mobbiing and single target, and combined with Modafinil it’s even better XD Immolation-Blind Faith-Empathic Trust literally melts single targets in seconds. As for not picking Beady Eyes, I don’t really feel it’s effects that much and I think it’s either max or 0 because at low levels it’s range and bonus is tiny. For Invulnerable the same reason as Meth applies.

Druid: There’s literally no reason NOT to pick this class. Healing grass, that kickass werewolf transformation… My only problem is that I have 24 points left and I can’t decide where to put them. In my other build I have my points like this and it works wonders in CM. Not sure how about here tho.

Also, how should I put bonus stat points in this build? I have 2 magic classes and 1 physical, so full INT? Maybe STR to improve FI? CON for more HP? SPR for better heals? Can’t decide…

Personally I would choose Inquisitor over Zealot, zealot is more of a buff/debuffer than a damage dealer. You already have great supporting classes such as PD and Druid.
Also Exorcist is great in that build and I don’t know why you think it’s slow in clearing mobs, I mean, one Rubric and they are all dead.

Yeah, but then I have to wait 15 seconds before i can use it again, and even then I’m immobile when I use it… With this build I’m anle to spam skills more. I’ll see how it goes.

It is the boring /20 chars

I beg to differ:

  • Chortasmata: in addition to AoE Chort heals you when you stand on it
  • Carnivory: coupled with Chort it’s a great CM tool
  • Seed Bomb: on its own it’s pretty lame but coupled with Carni’s summons it goes fireworks
  • Thorn: Yeah, this one’s pretty weak compared to others, basically just debuff and a bit of cc
  • Henge Stone: Summon a hulking rock to buff your grass, and to buff ->
  • Lycantrophy: You can either be a werewolf and go nuts ripping everything arond you to shreds or thanks to an attribute be a Ahri wannabe and boost your other skill damage! And to top it all off, at lv 350 you unlock attribute that lets you be transformed 24/7 (provided you have enough SP pots)

IMO Druid isn’t boring, it is the perfect Jack of all trades while also being a master of them all!

If grass is too slow for you then go nuts with the werewolf ^^

Actually, druid/pd compliments each other so well, it’s really quite crazy.

I prefer to max Thorn and don’t bother with Seed bomb. Not only is Thorn more powerful than you’d think, but it isn’t limited by enemies being grounded. It also holds enemies neatly in place for your followup BDS > Incineration combo and can count for TWO debuffs towards your incineration’s limit.

Demiwolf is just a nice all around boost and the PD mask + Demiwolf transform is hilarious.

I actually do not value my PD’s speed boost as much as many other people do, so I choose to max out BDS instead of it, and here’s why: this move may not have the highest skill factor but it’s one of the LONGEST DURATION damaging debuffs in the entire cleric tree. Furthermore, it’s one of the debuffs you can most easily spread to mobs, meaning that it’s going to contribute to a lot more of your overall damage than you might think as you can keep it up constantly on bosses and transfer it between mobs while grinding.

Now, right now I’m finding that Zealot, Sadhu, Exorcist and Dievderbys are top contenders for this build’s final slot Dievderbys in particular just plays so well with all your other skills, the constant CD reduction, the owls, the SP regen. It’s all so-so nice.

HOWEVER, my personal favorite build, while not the strongest or most meta, is PD/Druid/Paladin. It’s comfortable, tanky, and you can spread Conviction freely to empower your fire damage. You can tank damage for your team with barrier + healing factor in a pinch, and channelling Sanctuary with your BDS and druid grass ticking is quite satisfying if you have a good tanky build. Your damage compared to other options is a little poor, but you also have that nice +5 AOE ratio with your 2 handed mace and can offsupport your team as a paladin. If only IMC would fix the bug that makes Conviction ignore poison damage…