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Pinning bug reports = showing that the bug report was read and added onto the bug list

Since the Staff usually only participates in a very few selected sections of the forum, I think acknowlodged bug reports [i.e. the Staff member read the report, acknowledged the issue and put it on the official bug list] should be pinned by the Staff members with moderating power.

This would :

  • show that the Staff has noticed the problem
  • the bug report was good enough to understand the nature of the problem
  • show that the bug is listed on the “what to fix”-list
    and thus make users aware that their issue is worked on

Also, we need a bug report section in the forum where threads of issues that are supposed to be resolved are moved to.

All in all this would make the bug report section well-arranged as recent and worked on issues would be pinned, making it easier for people who have the same/a similar issue to find the thread and not open a new one while simultaneously showcasing which bugs have been resolved already by looking through the resolved and the normal bug report section of the forum.

This solution also has the minimum amount of work for the staff members as they only have to pin and/or move threads instead of answering to @Staff-remarks/writing statements in the threads.

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There are too many bugs to pin them all, though. You’d end up with at least the first page of the bug section being pinned reports…

I do agree on the fact it needs to be all sorted better though.
They could create topics of “Acknowledged/Being worked on bugs”, “Fixed/Resolved bugs” and then leave the normal one where people report, and they’d just need to move them.
This forum sure lacks organization. I’m sure even the staff often gets lost in it… But the longer they wait, the worse it gets.