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Pied PvE Build help?

Hello to everybody reading this, I hope you are fine and enjoying the game as much as I am.
So, I will be straighfoward in my question: do you have a build for PVE that uses Pied Piper? I already read that Piper is more a PvP class, but I really want to play this class. xD I’m playing with friends ATM, but sometimes I need to go in a solo journey through the game.

For now, I’m using this build that I found one day when I was searching for help:

I liked to play as a Musketeer, so I hope I can keep it on the build, but I might try something different as long as Piper remains in the build.

Thank you for reading and probrably helping me! <3

if using muskett, pied is usefull for pvp but for pve you dps is become not effective because some skill need channeling , i mean if u want use build like wugu + sapper + pied is more reasonable than musket , pied is overshadowed by appraiser for pve support thats why it is not popular