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Pied Piper: Blue & Red Orbs that Summon Monster

Allow Pied Piper:
A system like Summoners but we refer to them as “Fanboi Monsters”
Cause are musicians and we all need fans.
But instead of using Cards~

Pipe Pipers collect and use Monster Orbs ( without the consume cooldowns ) penalties.
The Red or Blue Ones.

If a Player Has both the Same Red & Blue Orbs of the Same Monster Type.

They have the ability to Summons a Third Elite Version of the Monster to assist them in Battles.
But forever~ adding a passive DOT to their class.

The Blue Orb Monster is Immune to Physical Damage. ( Works in PVP )
The Red Orb Monster is Immune to Magical Damage. ( Works in PVP )
The ( Special Elite Monster ) is Immune to both Physical & Magical Damage ( Works in PVP as unkillable DOT )

In order to resummon a dead blue and red orb monster;
The pied piper needs to have casted a Hammling Neigter.

We don’t need permanent mice.

How about we use something that is already inside the system. ( Summoner Code / Necro )
Just re-modify it to be used as “Archers” just using Orbs instead.

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