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Physical to magic attack?

Is there a skill out there that changes your physical damage ability to a magic attack? I’m particularly interested in any skill under the clerics path.

it’s called Kabbalist.
And you will lose your interest btw.

As far as I know, there is no way to convert physical damage into magical damage. Certain Clerics and Wizards have ways of dealing decent amounts of both, and a future cloth mastery for Clerics will let you “convert damage into healing” or something to that effect.

If you want to instead deal physical damage with magic attack, then Druid’s default Lycanthropy lets you transform into a boss monster whose skills deal purely physical damage, but scale off of both physical and magic attack. There are some major downsides to using Lycanthropy like this, however, since you end up draining a lot of SP over time and can’t use your regular skills. Unless you want to build around it, it’s generally preferred to use the alternate version of Lycanthropy, which just provides an all around boost to your stats.

Certain Clerics and Wizards

What wizards can deal physical damage?


Summoner classes can deal physical damage through their summons.

Also, while it isn’t relevant anymore, there used to be a way to turn STR into Magic Amplification. It was convoluted and ultimately not worth the effort, but I thought it was interesting. When you transform into a Firent as a Druid, you’d have access to a buff skill, Transpose. Back then, Transpose was a Thaumaturge skill that swapped CON and INT. However, this version of Transpose swapped STR and CON. If you had invested entirely into STR, you’d end up with a ton of CON after using this skill, and could even extend the buff’s short duration with Melstis. Since CON affected your HP Recovery stat, you would end up with more Magic Amp than usual if you had the Animus Necklace equipped. It’s also worth noting that Firent itself being a large plant enemy meant that you’d receive bonuses to max HP, HP Recovery, and SP Recovery. You’d become a fairly tanky Cleric with somewhat lacking magic dps.

It wasn’t exactly a way to convert physical damage into magical damage, but it was close enough.

what do you mean by that?

What wizards can deal physical damage?

The Tiskline set skill debuffs 1-3 enemies with a mark that accumulates all damage dealt to the enemy for 5-10 seconds.
The accumulated damage is then converted into magic damage and dealt to the enemies in 1 or 7 hits when the mark debuff times out.

Wizard Staff XD …

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Str on staff with the spatula skin is op…for comedic purposes

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