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Physical Chaplain's Healing?

Hello there, I’m thinking of making a Chap/Krivis/Kabba as an off-healer.
I wonder if I can still provide some decent healing if I run physical build?

That build pretty much can be and would be better as magical so why pyhsical?

Both Krivis and Chap can be turned into magical with attribute and Kabba is magic.

I were looking for some physical class that can also heal. Just wondering if that exists in this game at all.
I have a pet peeve about magical classes in general lol

The best candidate for this in the Cleric tree is probably Druid (can be phys or mag), but Druid does not pair well with Chaplain. If you wanted to be some kind of combat medic Chaplain, your best bet would be to focus on INT/SPR rather than STR/DEX for the better overall healing. It’d also improve the damage of Heal when it’s not necessary for healing. Either way, using the attributes for Guardian Saint that increase physical or magic damage will severely reduce your healing power.

Basically, you’ll find it difficult to be Chaplain and a decent healer with a focus on physical damage. Changes to how the healing stat is calculated make it easier for physical Clerics to build up healing power, but using anything besides Druid to try and heal the party if a standard healer is down or not present will be difficult.


Oh I didn’t think of Druid. It works with the wolfspirit art but yeah it won’t be meta in anyway. But if he is okay with that then there is a lot of options what to take as 3rd class from there. Krivis/Diev/Kabba/Paladin/Zealot I think all could work in a way as 3rd. Kabba tho is still more of a magical class so it can’t be set to phys.

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I see. Since the animation still looks the same guess I will go for magical Chap then.

I can’t rly get rid of Kabba because I really like thier biblical accurate angels lol

Also how do you guys feel about PD instead of Krivis?

Might as well grab Priest instead and become the true battle Priest Chaplain is meant to be.

Priest will give you more Auto Attack damage due to the Sacrament and Blessing buff.

If you find yourself in a party where you don’t have to heal, you can switch on corruption orb with the level 4 Priest Vaivora in a party. Turn your level 4 Vaivora Mass Heal into lots of damage.

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You can run physical Chap/Krivis/Kabba just fine and it’s also meta. You can use it for self-sustain as a physical cleric because Kabba’s Ein Sof and Nachash healing scale off of HP Recovery stat and not Healing stat.

For party healing, it would be better to scale magical, because you’ll need SPR to get a higher Healing stat for Tree of Sephirot and Heal. Since all of those classes can be phys or magic, if you aren’t heavily invested in Physical already (gems/aether/ichors), just roll magic.

Chaplain has a lot of variety and can be run well with: Krivis, Druid, Diev, Kabbalist, Plague Doctor, and Zealot. I’ve also tested Crusader, which is workable but divides attention between auto attacks and skill casts and Paladin which is tanky and unkillable, but less dps.

Druid’s Chortasmata, Kabbalist’s Tree of Sephirot, Plague Doctor’s Healing Factor, and Paladin’s Restoration all provide good healing in a magic build that can be used for party content.

Priest works as well, but only as magic scaling, and you will have almost no active attack skills besides Smite, Corruption Heal, and Merkabah if you go Priest/Kabb/Chap. You’ll need to alternate corrupted heal/smite to stack Saint Oath for full dps buff. That being said, stacking extremely high values of Add Dmg is possible now and will make you capable of doing content you wouldn’t be able to do normally with pure atk with less gear since Add Dmg bypasses defense.

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You’ll need to alternate corrupted heal/smite to stack Saint Oath for full dps buff.

You only have to use 1 skill to stack oath since your normal attacks with aspergillum will make your auto attacks stack oaths… with smite’s fast cooldown your oath stacks will maxed out in no time…

But there are also other skills that would completely eliminate stack management of oath with normal attack + dps skills like PD’s vvr pandemic, Kabba’s Merkaba and Krivis’ Divine Stigma.

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The / is supposed to indicate either or. You can use smite or you can use corrupted heal, or you can use both. I personally only use smite. Someone I tested the build with found smite uncomfortable for whatever reason, so they preferred heal. I find smite fine because there’s very little other skills you have to maintain uptime on.

oh my bad I misunderstood… I tried both and I prefer smite too even at magic chaps…

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I just want to make a topic about this XD… It’s horrible with smite and krivis is totally unfair compared to a lot of other classes. It’s especially unfair because that’s just bullshit that stigma is not considered a continous attack and then totally similar skills are… Oh and dont forget that krivis is also meta compared to other classes… it’s just ridiculous… I don’t want to take away it tho I just want other classes to be able to easily stack it too…

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Thank you for lots of insight!!
I think I will take the magical route then because i’m more inclined to hybrid classes.

I’m still very torn between priest & PD though, Since mass heal is very strong & easy to use while PD just have bunch of utilities. I wonder if healing factor can compensate the lack of burst healing though

Healing factor is VERY strong, but it’s not particularly reliable as solo party heal if you’re in high damage situations (end game raids).

It can be more than enough for yourself, and it’s nice if you’re doing content with a non-PD healer to make sure that everyone’s not gonna die.

Priest is mandatory in a healing build now the way Chaplain is for AA and Krivis is for DPS.

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Sorry for another question
Will chap/Kabba/PD able to fill a role as a solo healer. or priest is still pretty much needed?
I might go for kabba/priest if it doesn’t

You want Priest, because Priest has Revive and Resurrection.

Ein Sof and Healing Factor are comparable or more healing than Mass Heal, so if your party isn’t at high risk of dying that might be enough, but neither class has Revive.

Kabb has Revenge Sevenfold which with arts acts like a revive, but it’s not as good because its duration is only as long as its skill level and it’s CD is 5min instead of 2min, so it’s less reliable.

You could make it work, but don’t be surprised if you’re trying to queue with a random party and they aren’t favorable towards you because you’re lacking Priest, particularly in raids like Giltine and Snake party ver or JSR.

If you’re just auto-queueing or with friends, that build might be sufficient.

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I see. Thank you agains for a lot of details!