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Physical, 6s misrus

interested into making cleric, physical or magical is fine, decided to read the forum first about this class, you know… to be enlighted or… something like that

found out many ppl saying to avoid physical, may i ask why?

looks fine, or do i miss something?


that’s why you should never trust 100% of the complaints here on the forum since many don’t even play the game anymore

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Burst vs sustained damage. Most of their damage comes from Inquisitor’s Wheel + Ripper combo, and they both have very long cooldowns (45s and 55s respectively). Whereas Magical Clerics have much greater damage over time.
In Klaipeda server, for example, there hasn’t been a Physical Cleric who makes it to top 10 in WBR. Every week is dominated by Exo/Miko/Druid/Crusaders.


I play physical dps cleric and I like its gameplay compared to magic dps cleric. Maybe in the end it’s also about how well you enjoy playing the build.

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yeah, you missed how that guy has probably over 30k attack. I have a similar build, but since my attack is very low (below 23k) I take about 3 minutes to kill that guy.

He also seems to be using the new Inquisitor Vaivora mace ichor since his combo starts with 3x God Smash, which is used to boost the damage of Ripper by 30%, and Druid boosts critical damage with Sterea Troph, allowing him to hit 10m cap with Ripper.

You should note that Inquisitors God Smash is complete garbage without the new Vaivora mace, and it’s just there wasting time if you have other damage skills you could use without it.

And, as stated above, Inquisitor has the inherent problem of having an orientation on burst damage, meaning there is no stable DPS since the skill cooldown times are so high on most skills.
It can burst down quickly with the right equipment and attack value and classes, but if you don’t kill, you have a long downtime ahead of you.