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Phys Cleric advice

Im making a physical cleric sorry none of you can stop me, tired of magic and support builds so im playing a fresh and fun one

pinned my build to inqui pala just cant think of a last class I would very much like opinions between these

Oracle op buffs for party and sweet death sentence for my own damage everyone loves Divine might

Priest Eh not much going on but resurrections are nice along with turn undead XD

Khaba adds nice bulk also the only healer without spirit very interesting really

Diev very useful buffs sweeet breaking wheel cooldown reduction

Zealot all out DPS pretty straight forward

what do you guys think any of them late game cm viable and still call myself a dps?

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imo, if you pick paladin might as well make the most out of it
paladin boost fire and lightning damage with conviction and resist element new attribute
so krivis and zealot

krivis got attribute that change its skill into physical skill so its a fair choice
daino now boost your damage by 30%, but divine stigma no longer debuff enemy, just plain dps skill
melstis is changed into buff that boost only krivis skill, but at whooping 100% more damage
and good ol zalciai and aukuras, not changed much, just zalciai is now capped at 5 max lvl
making skill point distribution much easier

zealot is straightforward dps as you said so i wont elaborate much

thing is paladin resist element new attribute is still bugged, it does nothing at all
no damage buff whatsoever
and of course it would severely crippled paladin support and dps,
at least until imc fixed it
which god knows when :tired:

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zealot pala inq acceptable dps?

Physical Clerig is the best.

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yes thank you moving on :slight_smile:

does Sanctuary use automatic weapon swap?