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Petition for weapon skin winners

As many of you may know, we had events in the past about designing weapon skins and there are winners from them. Now I know IMC have released some of them now, but can we petition to have them released at a more frequent rate?

I myself am not one of the weapon skin designers. But at this rate, I’d be quitting sooner than seeing some of the great designs released by IMC.

I understand IMC holds the decision when nd how often these get released by their discretion, but come on we have so many winners yet how many have we seen so far…?

Releasing them only benefits IMC for revenue. Since used skin cannot be extracted, more skins to choose from = more potential buyers = profit?

Players don’t last forever. I am speaking on a very neutral tone but we all know where this game stands as of today.


yes, i think a new weapon skin release from the weapon design winners would be better than an expensive T9 scroll that u can only get once.

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