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Petition for More Fishing Features


Fishing is a wonderful part of this game while it is kind of flat and limited as a game feature, I really do enjoy it. Sadly the fun of fishing is over far to quickly and I must wait yet another day before I can participate in this joyous event again. I feel that fishing can be used both as a way to passively pass the time but also allow individual gamers an opportunity to take a break getup and handle other aspects of their lives. For me I love your game but I feel a certain level of anxiety when my game is off or I’m not doing anything, however, when I fish I feel like I’m getting something done but not just idly sitting there. When I return from my life chores my first thought is lets see what I caught, then my next thought is “lets get to it! Dungeon time!”

  1. Allow us to fish anywhere there is a decent size pool of water( Lakes, Swamps, Rivers, Streams, Beach) not just in the main city

  2. Remove the fishing limitations (and lower the items success rate percentage, if you feel that a balance is needed)

  3. add/rotate new items that can be gotten from fishing each maintenance period (new fish, clams, squid, [oyster pearls - can be trade to npc for new fishing rods], stamina pills, blessed shards, cards from monsters in the surrounding area of the fishing pool, quest in a bottle, treasure map in a bottle

  4. Allow meats from fishing to be used in Squires cooking, fish to be fed to penguins or other pets perhaps.

  5. Offer an achievement for fishing

  6. DO NOT Change the ability to fish while AFK - this supports healthy playing and people will take a break from hours of staring at the screen, eat and when they return they will be refreshed and ready to play again.

  7. Offer a 15min refreshed buff - movement +3 after 30mins of fishing

  8. Add one or two rare items that can be gotten from fishing (initially it may be expensive on the market but if over fished it will loss its value on the market ) such as hooks or lures

  9. Allow worms to be dug up from multiple maps

  10. Allow us to expand fishing storage space, like team storage, (little bag that pops up when fishing that we store items we have caught) either thru TP or again Giving pearls to the npc for a larger bag.

Reviews of your game has increased year by year and I am excited to see all this game can be. Please seriously consider this entry as I truly do believe that your general population will enjoy the fishing feature more with the above addons implemented.

Petition for above items to be implemented(sign if you agree )

  1. Mars The_Legend


Petition for not getting disgusting Red Cockat body parts each an every time you fish… :face_vomiting:


imagine making petitions directly instead of simply suggesting stuff…

what’s wrong with people these days ?


He isn’t wrong though. It reminds me of WoW fishing but a lot of people love that and it really can help to balance out the rest of the game while providing some new activity to other maps and the different levels people play at.
If you allow it every where just lower the drop rate of the most expensive stuff, add some unique items for different maps that fit the maps thematically and you have a great feature with the things suggested here.


i mean the suggestions themselves aren’t bad at all, but doing a petition already ? wut ?


Not like the difference matters sadly. Therefore I don’t care if it is a suggestion or a petition. I could suggest a whole lot to make their game instantly better that wouldn’t even require much but developers no matter the game rarely listen and think they know best. =/


actually, that’s a pretty good point


When I put petition on here it was really just meant to show the developers that users resonate with what was said. And hopefully convince them to implement these changes whether in whole or part.


your recommendation is good and fun
you got some ideas like mine too
too bad imc not into fun stuff
they rather destroy dream and fun


i suggest go submit ticket, and good luck with the auto response

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