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Pet leveling on 450(max lvl) Char possible?

Hi ToS players,

I dont found anything about that topic. Found only that the pet receive EXP from your exp, so its shared, but Im now max level and my pet dont get exp. Its still lvl 1.

So I have to create a new Char to lvl up my pet ?

Thanks in advance.

Server EU

You can still get pet exp after you are already 460.

Check if your pet is activated or not. If it’s hidden, it doesn’t get any exp.


Thank you for the fast reply.

Yes my pet is on and auto attack as well, but when I kill monsters my pet stay since I got it on lvl 1 with 0 exp

It should still gain experience even if it “died” (stunned with 0 health) as long as you’re killing mobs that give you (the player) EXP on their death.

Okay, can it be, that I dont receive EXP from the mobs, because I do right now the main quests from Lvl 30+ ?

Someone CMIIW, but I don’t think a character will receive EXP if the mob level is 40 levels higher or lower than the current character’s level. So maybe that’s why.

Yeah this is my only guess. Alright than I have to rush my main quests to arrive on areas with 410+ Mobs xD

We can close it. I went to higher Level areas and my pet is leveling great.

Thanks anyone who replied here. :wink:

Have a great day and this topic can be closed.