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[PERFECT 10] GirlS

Server Name: Varena
Team Name: Privaron

Being an old school gamer I thought that it would be too simple and dull just to record my char with the F12 button. Hope you will like my creative approach. After all, it’s creativity and unmatched charm that make Korean MMORPG so addictive and fun. <3

Video Link :



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Thanks :smiley:


props for all the effort put into making this video

Very nice video. It’s a shame though I believe this violates a lot of the contest rules for editing visuals + sound, having more than 1 model character, and not showing your team name. :C really well done though.

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Well, in the initial post from IMC there is nothing said about editing, more than 1 character or team name. Though I’ve already seen IMC’s comments in other topics…

For example, to capture your team name (with hp/sp bars duh) is just so bad from cinematic point of view. I guess IMC can easily check participants accounts, whether they do really have characters from the videos. If not, everyone can post screenshots 8(

But in fact I really don’t mind if my video will not be picked for the contest. Just wanted to make something nostalgic ^^

I love your video…


  1. Important

[X]- Participation in this event is limited to one entry per team.
[X]- Your model character must be wearing 1 costume and 3 hair accessories (all 3 head slots must be equipped and visible, not hidden). Premium/newly-released items are NOT mandatory.
[X]- Video entries must be between 20 and 60 seconds long.
[X]- Do not use any add-ons (ex. zplus) when shooting your video.
[X]- You are allowed to crop and cut parts of the video and/or add simple subtitles, but do not edit in any additional visual or sound effects.
[X]- Make sure to have the name of your team always visible under your character throughout the video.

  • The creator of the video will hold ownership of the submitted work. However, by making a submission to this event, you agree to have your video used in Tree of Savior promotional materials without prior notice.
  • IMCGAMES will not be held responsible for any plagiarized works submitted. Entries found to have been plagiarized will be disqualified.

Oh, ok )))
Then my video is just a video for the entertainment of our fellow Saviors )


still, great job very well done naisu etc etc (:

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you have what it takes to be a real entertainer :smiley: breaking the rules! and produce good content.


Thank you! Have a lot of experience in such things :grin:

Omggg!! So nice!! I love SCANDAL! <3

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Thank you! SCANDAL is awesome :smiley:

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i still in love of ur video <3

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I voted for you :3
Wish you luck and victory ))

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Oh!, thx so much <3 i hope too nwn