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People creating another steam accounts to make silver

  • Reason for report :
    Big exploit since them can do raids with anothers accounts or make money and trasnferrer by market

  • Server : Silute

  • Team Name : Not Specific one, too much people

  • Location :

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) :

  • Evidence

People using same nick and doing same content…, an solution for this would be block ip if 2 people are sharing same.

btr than they use bot farm field. trust me…

they should care equally, but at least this double clients in a single machine would easier to take care

Not an exploit if they use all the features they are entitled to use though


that not exploit, they are not rmt and using illegal program , but some people abuse event from new server event for making many account for stacking BS and Coin

Why this is not an exploit since they just run berenice,uphill… just for mercenaries and can sell mercenarie goodies, if they have 2-4 accs could easily make 200kk weekly without any effort.

basicaly they are tellling people who spend tp’s unlocking characters slots “Fools” and i guess slowly killing the game they plays since people spending real money will stop buying tps.

Every server is suffering from the Nulight’s 50 waifus account trend nowadays. And the only thing IMC has done to slow it down, is removing Blessed Gems from Mercenary badge Shop, which affects basically all the players that plair fair and use only 1 account to play.

Not just that, IMC also removed Archstone drop from Uphill, DCP and Misrus, to slow down alt accounts.

Something has to be done to discourage people from having 9,999 accounts to get their sh*t.

Make every reward from WBR/DCP/Mercenary Badge Shop unmarketable, untradable, period.


while I’d think making the drop from DCP/Uphill unmarketable and untradable is too harsh, totally agree with making everything in the merc shop except class master card unmarketable and untradable since thing like BG is too easy to farm

Some of the new content are hard to clear and a lot of the new items like the arks are very expensive, not to mention, locked behind RNG. If these items were easier to obtain and didnt cost so much, a chunk of people wouldn’t bother making alts.

Multiboxing is a P2W mechanic and a form of cheating. Other bigger MMORPG’s deal with this issue as well.

You create different accounts to go around time-gated stuff to gain an unfair advantage, which in turn destabilizes the economy of the game.

Might as well make TOS offline game while at it :distinguished:

if you can also do the same without breaking rules, its not a cheat.

oh mai god im so shocked

nope, the unfair is people doing RMT or botting ,if i am using other account with my hardwork doing daily stuff etc is fair to get more reward ,because other people can do that too , they need focus killing bots first

I mean Whats the point to get several accounts in a game? I see some people buying slots to make honest money troughts cms, others abusing mechanics too make contents, I mean the game shouldly be about have your one main acc and farm silver…