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Peltasta vs Lancer

I’m currently running Peltasta/Hoplite/Cata build. Went this route cause my friends wanted a tanker with decent dps. I find it rather nice to play but I do feel a bit lack lustre in terms of damage.

  1. Should I change Peltasta to lancer to get better dps?
  2. If so, what would you recommend for skill build?

Thank you!

Change to lancer man, peltasta is only if you want to make a tank character, if you want to deal damage and break shields go lancer, its a strong spear class to deal damage in pvp and pve.

Alright. What would you suggest my skill build to be for each class?

tanks arent really needed in this game. if you really want to, go full tank or full dps, not hybrid.
drop cata for rodellero or murm. or peltasta for lancer.

Thank you for your advice. I swapped out pelt for lancer. The dps is so much better. But struggling to get a good 2h pike. Should I just rush Varna?

Currently using Primus dynsai pike T8 +6.

Looks like no one answered yet…So here it goes. Primus Dynsai pikes…really aren’t meant for fighting with. I mean they are fine but are extremely outshined by Episode 11 Completion Reward Gear and Varna (once you get everything you need for it).

Complete all the quests in Episode 11 and you can claim the reward of 5 +11/+10trans legendary weapons and 4 +11/+10trans armors (Leather for DPS / Plate for Tank)

Most people use Prim Dyn to break them down into further enchancements for their legendary items like Varnas.

Since Episode 11 gear is basically Varna without the abilitiy to put on a custom “random” stats bonus (ichor), start with that and you will find out why people tell you constantly to get Ep11 gear. Or in this case varnas.