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PELTASTA Macro user in Baubas Ch3

  • Server : Telsiai
  • Team Name : hongshixian
  • Location : Baubas Cave ch3
  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 1pm SVT (has also been seen in this area for more than 7 hours in other days)
  • Evidence

He casts skills in a certain rotation in a fixed time interval…doesnt respond when called his attention. His movements are very suspicious since even if only one mob gets lured to him, continues to maintain the skill rotation… I tried to clear the entire mob area but the rotation persists even with no mobs



Hi Kenken33,

Thank you for reporting and we will look to this player as soon as possible.

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Hi hi, Thanks a lot. I see GM Kiwi here. did you manage to see the player?