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Peltasta build?

Hello, I am new in the game and I plan to use a peltasta, to play as a tank, I was looking for guides but they are quite old, what would be the classes that best synergy to be a tank and are viable to play pve alone?

if ur looking for PVE just to attract mobs, here are some casual builds

Pelt-Barb-Matador (rapier) (AoE)

Pelt-Barb-Cata (1h spear) (AoE)

Pelt-Barb-Hacka (1h sword)

hope you can find it useful

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build strong defense with peltas now not so important. Since OP healer can catch up the boss dmg (at least not 1h KO).

but if you really want to play peltas for fun :

murmi rode peltas :

Thank you so much mate