Peltasta - best balanced build?


I’ve been toying around with different combinations for a while now and I can’t find any build that I truly enjoy. Any (working) suggestions?

I’m not against the idea of using a two handed weapon as my main weapon and having a shield equipped in my secondary slot (to “abuse” the Hard Shield buff).

What I tested so far:
Pelt > Cata > Lancer - Lack of AOE
Pelt > Barb > Reti - Overall lack of usable skills
Pelt > Rod > Mur - Clunky skills, lack of decent AOE
Pelt > Reti > Dragoon - What SP?

Did I miss anything decent?
Pelt > Fencer > Matador?
Pelt > Matador > Dopp?
Pelt> Rod > Fencer?
Pelt > Barb > Dopp?

I’m looking for something with amazing AOE potential and decent to high boss damage.


Where is Pelt->Murm->Doppel?


Am I missing some obvious synergy?


Punish, Cyclone and Deeds of Valor all u need from doppel, no need for some “synergy”. It’s already good choice


Using this, abusing shield, no complains.
2handed btw.


What do you combo Punish with? Bash? Doesn’t work on bosses tho.


Well there is no knockback which works on bosses.


Just saying, Punish has a severely limited usage - almost no AOE and it doesn’t work on bosses. Are we talking about knockback or knockdown, as far as I’m aware “collapse” = knockdown right?


Sorry i meant knockdown, but knockback still doesn’t works on bosses.


Regarding this, murm is getting a patch to improve the AOE ratios soon. Not saying it becomes great at mobbing tho. However, shouldn’t Rode’s targe (13 AAR), shield bash (13 AAR) and shooting star (16 AAR) given you a tad bit of mobbing ability?

Is having pelt a must tho? You have a single class that barely contributes to aoe/damage.

If not, I’d suggest Fencer>Matador>Doppel (heck you can still use your shield as just a stat stick)

Bossing skills would stem from Fencer>Matador synergy, mobbing would be from Matador’s ox, paso/bash > punish additionally with what Sparda said.

But coming full circle, if your equipment is trash, you aren’t going to go very far even with the most optimized build.


I’m equipped with full Velc, deciding on the weapon right now, I really like the 320% pdef/mdef boost from Pelt. I might go and try Fencer, Matador, Pelt after all then pick the Rodelero at a later patch.


Unless I missed something, you didn’t test the best one - Pelta > Doppel > Matador

This is basically the best solo build for swordies with enough money for 2 sets right now - it has tons of damage, AoE and survivability


Do you mind linking the build?

Something like this?:


If you are looking for amazing AoE play wizard. Swordies never were and never will be known for amazing AoE.
What swordies have to give in terms of AoE is Doppel’s cyclone and Matador’s last skill.


Ah, Okay. However, with fencer’s attribute you can’t block while epee changes the 320% pdef/mdef boost to 220%. Then why not Pelt>Fencer>Doppel then since you’re fully equipped.


I’ve been playing Pelt - Matador - Doppel. It’s got great DPS and can facetank Velc, but the catch is you need both a main bar Rapier/Shield and off bar 2h Sword.

The AoE is stellar and the combos flow really well. You have defensive cooldowns from Pelt, AoE from Mata/Dopp, a single target rotation from Dopp, and filler from Mata/Dopp (Faena and Sturtzhau).

The build felt a little lackluster when I only had one set of good weapons, but it came together once I had a good set for both main/off – currently using a +11/trans 5 weapon for both and an Asio shield.

Mata - Dopp - Pelt


Hey bro, which do u choose ?

doppel - barb - pelt
doppel - barb - highlander?


I’m still using Doppel - Barb - Pelta, but that’s because I farm HG and have only a velco weapon right now, no armor so far, hard shield buff cover my lack of defense [ leather btw ].

But in the future if you completely give up on farming HG or hard shield gets patched to not work after swap weapons I consider changing to highlander.