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PDruSadu gear help needed


Thanks to the “Guide” event I found a build I’d never try to play, since I never liked Cleric class (BM for lyfe).

But after n’th lag spike drove my char to death, I thought: “Time to find something that can survive anything”. My first chioce led me to Cleric class - but which build to pick?

That’s where this guide came in. I don’t know if it’s the best guide or most informative, however it gave me a build that made my eyes wide like saucers - the Druid/PD/Sadhu <- this thing freaking rules, for many reasons.

However, my usual question is how to gear this character?

My usual list ("?" means I’m not sure about that one):

Bonus Skill Point Distribution:
Full SPR

Weapon(s) : Blue (?)
Off Hand : ?
Chest: ?
Pants : ?
Gloves : ?
Boots : ?

Red: 3x Velnia Monkey
Blue: 3x Zaura (?)
Green: 3x Blut
Purple: 1x Gazing Golem, 2x Rikaus
Legendary: Velcoffer (?)

Main Hand: ? > Asio Mace
Shield: ? (never used shields)
MH Swap: ? 2H mace
Necklace: Max Petamion > Lynnki Sit > ?
Bracelets: 2x Wizard Bracelet > Archmage Bangle > Lynnki Sit > ?
Armor: Primus plate with stats > ?
Hair Costume Enchants: Magical Attack > HP

Stats to aim for on equipment:
Weapons: CON, SPR, INT
Armor: CON, SPR, INT

This doesn’t make sense.

What does? 52 bonus points go into SPR, anf 3 Bluts give 30 CON for survival.

Besides, it’s the point of the post toask for advice, since I’m not good at gearing up.

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