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Pd build for dps?

Hey i fell in love with pd,ik its not in the meta rn,but im a new player so its hard to figure out how and what to build…
pd druid crus would work? Can any1 show me a build about? Im almost sure how to build the pd and i think i just have to copy the druid+crus from the druid+crus+exo build,but i need some experienced players opinion…tnx<3

Pair PD with Miko, both together destroy the critical resistence of enemies, the third can be Crusader if you want some hard hits (low targets), Druid for even more Self-sustain and damage over time, plus a nice boost for Critical Damage or Sadhu for some nice AoE, Critical Damage and Chance, and can face-tank when out of body, but is a hard class to play and to master. Krivis can work, but is soooo meh, Zaibas is nerfed to the ground, as an DPS, krivis is a excelent support, Aukuras is amazing.

But you can try anything you want, Clerics can be hybrid if you work around.


Ty somuch.
Yea i dont have miko yet…i tried the crusader but dont like the skills there,and already was thinking about krivis,if its synergies well with pd/druid. Ty the answer!