Tree of Savior

Patch Folder Replacement


Hello guys, I’m a returning player and I got a slow internet connection, so I downloaded the game at my workplace and then used the steam backup feature to install it. Everything went ok, but then I got faced to a launcher that seems to have high download size which is pretty much impossible for me to download. So the question is, can I download the patches in my workplace copy it to a flashdrive and replace the patch folder? If no, are there alternatives? Appreciated.


You could try it, but am not sure if it would give you proper result…

It in theory could lower the amount of stuff you need to download…

If you can restore the changes if something goes wrong then go ahead and try it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply


Hello guys, just an update for anyone who was following the thread so far and also for future reference: I managed to make it work by updating in my workplace computer. After it was done updating, I copied all folders/files from the tree of savior folder in steamapps and simply replaced them in my computer’s ToS folder. I do not know if it is required to copy ALL files, but thats how I made it work.

The thread can be closed if needed.