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Pasiutes Bracelet Recipe [EU]Fedimian

Hello peeps, I dont know for other server but this item {title} is very hard to get nowadays, yet idk if anyone’s still having it. Nothing on market and it’s been 2 months now that I and other players have been looking for it. It’s kinda sad coz it’s ruining the progress as u cant even craft one of the top tier bracelet in the server.
If anyone knows any other way to get it, other than World Boss, please kindly answer,
Thank you

No there’s no other way to get it. Chance is really low. I’m going to every boss I can, but I always get ominous crap and nothing else except a legend card sometimes. I’ve seen people getting recipes, but it’s almost rarer than the card. Just check market regularly (or shouts in case someone get a recipe and already has a pasi set).