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Party System makes the game freeze

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Server Name: Feudimian

Team Name: xDrHellx

Bug Description : The game almost crashes when people join the Party
People joining a party always made the game lag, but now it’s so bad, the game almost crashes

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Share a party link
  2. People joins the party
  3. The game will lag, to the point it almost crashes and freezes for a few seconds

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I’m sure this has to do with party search feature. Once it was mentioned about a fix to the feature that would greatly lower lag, because the game would continuously search for party matches when someone would come into view or leave view. IIRC the fix was never applied.

They disabled that system. :roll_eyes:

during r10 patch. while ppl joining pt will make game delay like hell and 6-7ppl can join pt in a time
and now rebuild patch ppl joining pt can cause vga

honestly, the issue was always there (even when i started, when BM was introduced)

but it’s gotten WAY worse with the recent patches (i’d say 2 or 3 patches ago)
before, it was only a small freeze for 1 or 2 seconds, but nowadays it’s way more, and like i’ve said before, it’s so bad, to the point the game almost crashes

Disable quest sharing before linking your party to others, and only link it if you need to share a quest for a specific reason–once everyone is in the party you’re fine, as long as you’re on the same map.

It’s some kind of issue with the legend card quest.