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Pardoner's Discerning Evil isn't working


Discerning Evil got buffed in Ep11 patch, however it no longer extends the duration of debuffs. Just tested it with plague doctor/paladin and couldn’t extend any of the debuffs including Conviction.

Furthermore, it no longer counts as a debuff itself, which is pretty strange considering how the skill works.

Pretty sure this is a bug, but I was really looking forward to making some dank Pardoner builds this patch.


Can’t get Discern Evil to extend conditions either atm, tested it with Entity, Froster Lord card and Mineloader card. Nada.

But Discern Evil itself has always been a buff, and that doesn’t seem to be changed.


I remember that Discerning Evil used to create two instances of itself when used on an enemy in the past. It would add a buff to them, and also a debuff for the same effect. Now it only gets added to their buff slot. But I could also just be remembering it wrong.