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Pardoner's 'Discerning Evil' is not working as intended


Right now, the pardoner skill ‘Discerning Evil’ does not increase the duration of debuffs at all.

I have tested with Plague Doctor’s debuffs, and also Conviction from Paladin. Prior to Episode 11, I was able to increase these buffs with Discerning Evil.


Hello frustratedsquirrel2,

Kindly send your concern through our support ticket for us to further assist you with your issue.


Sorry, but why does this require a support ticket? It’s a game related issue, not necessarily an issue with my account in particular. Isn’t the point of this Gameplay and Bug Report forum to report bugs?

I’ll send a ticket if it helps, but it’s a very simple issue. The skill isn’t retaining functionality after it was buffed in the episode 11 patch.