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Pardoner Shop need help

Hello Since all pardoner related topics are outdated I decided to create a new one to ask I have :
int 1267
spt 1852

however I still unable to open a shop with 3k blessing buff any tips how to do it?
I saw some shops with 3700 bless buff nad 13% more def buff

I already use misrus set, liris and the green cards that give 140 spirit, also someone is buffing me with divine might and trauma swell brain.

I think you need to have 2200++ spr or something to get to 13k blessing buff shop …

Have a linker use Lifeline. Since the shop will “freeze”, the buff will stay.

nice any other tips?

theres really no tips, you just need to pump your spr with every possible way, 2k+ for 13%
i dont think that linker will work as previously there was method of using masinios rod and its not adding any
just peek that guy gears with 13% buff and you will know what you miss
obviously there also some aspect hidden like assister, team lvl buff, extra stat etc
though maybe if you havent notice if you choose pard-kabba-priest over pard-ora-priest you will get more spr, but you need another oracle to buff your shop to lv 6

For starters … do all the related +stats quest ( really useful I think you’d get 20++ more stats and also from Magic association Henrika for bonus level 440-450 stats around 100 more free stats.




  • 78-80 SPR Random Ichors
  • 62 SPR Misrus Fixed Ichors


  • 145-max SPR Fixed Ichors


  • Asio Rod ( 132 SPR )
  • Masinios Rod ( 122 SPR )
  • Vaivora Rod ( 148 SPR ) <- GET! XDD


  • 145-max SPR Fixed Ichors
  • 72 SPR Wastrel Shield


  • Legend Isgarinti ( 230 SPR )
  • Legend Judouka ( 170 SPR )


  • Level 5 SPR = 80 SPR ( go higher XDD )


  • Irredian Cleric 3 Stars = 42 SPR


  • Rozalija x3 = 120 SPR

Then MAX Attribute all Priest and Pardoner Buffs …

  • 1 Oracle DM also and try Lifeline ( I havent tried this but should give you a huge boost in stats )
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It works, one of our guild members use it and got the best pardoner shop on server.

also irredian seal cleric lv4, tons of SPR there

Also assister gives up to around 65 spr and 15 int that will net you at least 0.1%
I use velcoffer, mirtis, succubus and tormenta ( 2 devil, 2 plant)

With the optimal gears and assisters you will be able to get 13.3%, with linker you could go 13.5%


ow nice, i havent included assisters XDD

Ive heard the trick with divine might is a placebo, lvl 5 vs lvl 6 shop does nothing. Idrk but IMC is making it so it will not work in the future either way

lvl6 do increase the buff duration without any increase in buff strength.

It is clearly stated in tooltip.

Thanks I didn’t know that

thanks ill try that, all my gear is already like that, do u guys know if the pokemon also increase the buff some way if there are any good suggestions?