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Pala/crus/pd viable?

I want to switch my inq/pala/zea to a magic build since it seems Hard to get a party with that build.

Is the new build viable?
Can I tank with barrier and heal factor?
Want to use pd vv.

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If I remember correct some content has skill limitations, with Healing Factor being one of the affected skills wherein its duration is badly reduced. Someone please correct me on this if I’m wrong.

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Almost every build can be viable if you’ re going pve, only.
But you have to remember that people tend to react badly depending on the content and certain builds.
In this game you are kinda forced to have the meta build or you are out.
If you just don’t care for that, just go on!
Having said that …
Why do you want this combination? Paladin will make you more tanky and you have all the damage that crusaders can offer, but you could also change paladin for another heavy DPS class or burst damage, like druid and/or exorcist.
I don’t know how this build will interact in some scenarios but one thing I gotta say: try it and tell us what you found out! Just try it. If you don’t like it at all you can earn class points playing the game and further changing one of your classes.


Yes you can tank with barrier but you gotta have high HP, high defense AND really really top items! Or you’ll end up dying. I tryed this build once (paladin-diev-priest) and I sucked hard because I didn’t have enough equipments lol

I kind of like pd… what would be an alternative i got demon armor thats why i try of avoid exo ^^