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Pal/Sadhu/Ora Tanky supp

I was thinking in making a non melee phys dmg pala, and i came to think of a “dmg reduction/buff” build as follows:

Nice aoe heal from aura (even without 15 points).

Great self dmg reduction with 6% pala + 30% oob + barrier/foretel/sanctuary with at least one up anytime.

For dmg you have the sadhu aoes which right now aren’t that bad tbh.

What do you guys think of it? worth give a try?

or just a “healer” with some def stuff as:


You need the skill at maximum + maxed enhancement attribute to have enough HoT-effect to be viable, that is unless you wish to spam Heal to the extreme.

Yes, healing got easier with the cleric cloth art (only works with a high amount of attack,though, so you need 20k+ attack & matk to have a decent gain from the arts), but that shouldn’t be the only source of recovery value, which in turn would require an extreme investment into equipment with high SPR and healing capacity boosts.

Oracle with maxed arcane energy is useless to make it simple. Better put the points into counter spell, that skill has an actual impact on gameplay, especially since your build heavily moves to the anti-magic faction.
Twist of fate is a must max skill. It can deal up to 13 million damage with the new damage cap in place, allowing you to deathblow normal bosses with less than 50% max HP easily, thus one of the few support skills that are worth maxing.
It also helps with dealing actual damage if the enhancement attribute is maxed, reducing the amount of damage recovered to only 80% of the damage dealt, meaning you can deal up to 2.6 million damage every 35 seconds by pressing one button.

On the issue with stone skin : unless you consider maxing the enhancement attribute, don’t bother skilling it. I’d rather put the points all into conviction to max the skill instead to provide easy +32%/+34% fire/earth/lightning/ice damage for wizards.

I can’t give any opinion about sadhu, but from what I can deduce by the skill description, it doesn’t seem to be good fit into the build, unless you are planning to go into and out of OOB frequently, which is just annoying. On average, holding up the c button to block attacks with a 50% chance for 60% damage reduction will have the same damage reduction while making you more mobile at the same time.

I’m not saying that this cannot work, because at least you are going to be pretty much location-fixed once barrier/counter spell/foretell are up and running, but at the same time you are asking for lower survival if you cannot get the high extra recovery by a maxed restoration. That is unless it is one day possible to use the barrier:devotion attribute without self-destructing as everyone around you has not enough damage reduction.

All in all I’d say a dievdirbys instead of a sadhu would probably fare better, but please do us a favor and try out the sadhu once so people can actually have an insight into what a heavily invested support build can do.

By the way, if you cannot provide enough attribute points (around 2 million to get all the enhancement attributes and arts necessary) and a full legendary +11/+16 T10 plate or cloth set + a +16 T10 mace,
coupled with a 5+ star legendary nuaele or zaura card(depending on your armor type), 3 normal zaura cards and some serious enchants in damage reduction (15%+ for both physical damage and magic damage reduction on your armor) you can just scrap the whole build unless you got an overkill party that can carry you with their uber damage.

I tell you this because I have experience with paladin, and his buffs don’t do shyte if your defense values are too low to create a considerable bulk (and also if you don’t max the enhancement attributes and arts).
On top of that, damage reductions have diminishing returns if you stack them, for example stone skin (12.8% max in your build = 0.872 damage multiplier) and barrier arts (20% = 0.8 damage multiplier) will result in 0.872x0.8= 30.24% damage reduction. Stacking OOB on top (32% max in your build with DM buff) will increase this to 52.6% damage reduction.

In the end, you will probably become able to decrease the damage down to 30-20%, at least for one attack type (physical or magic), but that just applies to your character, while the party is still in imminent danger to succumb to the enemies onslaught, which is why an increased healing via restoration is crucial, otherwise spamming heals will empty your sp pool nevertheless you got any arcane energy up and lock you completely out of the game.

To summarize the points above: Your build requires huge funding in both equipment and attribute points (as well as art tomes, so get those pages and blessed gems ready) and will still fail to protect others and/or yourself unless you got godly healing values or your team is team bulk with enough damage reduction to allow for a walk in the park, in which case any other support build with less funding would’ve sufficed as well.

I have not played Sadhu in the past 4-5 months despite what my username would suggest, so I don’t know if current Sadhu after the changes is any good. All signs point to “Sadhu has fallen off the viability cliff.” Years ago, when Bokor was still a Cleric class, you could cast Hexing and spam both Out of Body’s basic attack and Effigy in tandem (because Effigy had 0 cooldown/overheats back then). It was probably the last time I really had fun with either class. Fast forward to more recent times, and Sadhu had the clearly unintended ability to spam Visible Talent, which could be stacked up easily by taking Inquisitor as your third advancement. Between that and the time you could cast Transmit Prana on yourself to raise your stats to unusual levels, it’s almost like Sadhu has only been occasionally overpowered thanks to developer oversights.

If you want to play magic Paladin, I’d suggest taking classes like Druid, Plague Doctor, or Krivis to get some extra elemental damage out of Paladin’s Conviction skill. You can also use Sanctuary while your damage over time skills are ticking to add more damage to them. Oracle is also worth keeping in the build because of its many utility skills and ability to spam Death Sentence.

sadhu now is aoe from ABE, OOB, VS and Prak, really nice ranges and % dmg not the oob autos or so (thats crap, but being oob is a nice 30% dmg reduction so… worth?

I dont see a pala ora pd doing almost cero dmg between each steam spread… don’t like the idea.

So u think that NOT AS HEALER but supp is not worth? or you thought i was saying as main healer? only healer is supp in parties now?

If you want low dps downtime but still want to spec more into healer/tank role, you might want to consider Druid. Chortasmata might not be a big hitter like certain Exorcist or Crusader skills, or even Druid’s own Thorn skill, but it barely has any downtime between its heal and damage over time. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t need to be doing damage, you can also toggle its Healing Garden Art on to turn it into a greater heal over time.

The problem with support in general is not one of healer or not healer but of how viable the support is.
Fact is that this support build mentioned is built around providing team support in form of survival.
To guarantee survival, you need two things: recovery and damage mitigation.
Your build features both, but I pointed out that the recovery will be hard on you if you don’t invest enough in the recovery abilities you have ( which would be heal and restoration).

On top of that, there is no revival, which means more potential danger as your team needs to stand close together to receive sanctuary, counter spell, foretell and restoration effects, leaving them vulnerable as an onslaught of the enemy will potentially hit every party-member this way.

In case of the possibility that you’d want to utilize the barrier:devotion attribute, that’s even more grave, as it could possibly destroy you fast, even with the 50% damage reduction via arts.

There is a simple reason why the situation of such a support is bad: 5 people party limit.
If you take 1 spot and need another one for a healer that provides heals&resurrection, there are only 3 spots left for damage dealers.
Your build provides more defensive than offensive support, which is disadvantageous in the two newer legend raids skiaclipse and moringponia, where taking longer is more punishing and increases the chance to fail, another reason why it might not be optimal for its investment requirement.

Of course, it could be better for other content like GTW, world boss hunt (moringponia mainly) and challenge modes stage 6&7 where a strong defense is advantageous, but since you didn’t state what you want to do with the character I thought it would be best to take a stance on the contra arguments for overall gaming that I have experienced when playing said classes (except for the new sadhu which I didn’t test).

You’re free to ignore this and do your thing, but I think there is a reason why people look for a “healer” instead of a tanky protector on endgame contents.