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didnt win so go away im deleting everything

edit history is there if imc want to read it


To build on Friend’s post.
A lot of the strategy was on buff control and area denial.
So skills such as Fumigate, Joust, Reversi, Gohei, Blood Letting, Melstisand Revenged Sevenfold awere used to great effect, as they have very wide usage and are rather forgving.
This allowed us a lot of time to focus more on what was happening in general rather than our own particular characters.
Not only that, but a lot of our members were playing their main characters and were allowed to totally play in their element. Having Dps/Tanky Characters/Supports working together to ensure victory was quite pleasing, despite the terrible fps/ping issues. Also i was chat banned so my Kagura timer addon was beyond and destroyed my chat box.

Since new guilds trying to overcome the hurdle will have a hard time winning rewards, how about giving consumables as participation bonuses?

I appreciate your replies, We are also planning, and also currently building up traffics between us and the devs, It was quite urgent question in quite urgent time -I received message from the GM Grape, I apologize for that one that Grape caused. :sad:


The Golem Buff actually works. Screenshot is self-explanatory. If you die you completely lose the buff.



The guild that last hits the boss, gets the buff.

Playing from Day 1-7 was enjoyable to play with my guild. There are definitely a lot of problems with the optimization as mentioned before. I wanted to try to record all of my matches but I cannot do it with my PC setup without getting 1-5 FPS.

Things to fix/address ASAP in GvG:
-Kabbalist skills such as Gevura crashing multiple people in the vicinity.
-Desyncs happening when charges are being pulled off. (Seen multiple instances of other skills killing desynced players while charging).
-Disable Pay-to-Win elixirs from the Leticia/Goddess cubes, as they shouldn’t even be allowed in a PVP setting due to instantly healing your character to full.
-Mounts being broken by not appearing on the map, we have to sit down and turn off/on our pets for it to show up.

Here are some of the videos we got from our matches:

Day 1:

Day 3:

More videos soon to come.

I bet you, the same dude that brought their guild members to bump their “copy pasted” suggestion thread won. It’s IMC Friend, $$$ wins.

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if im playing for strategic gvg victory

i would want to give 0 intel away

are you new

Yeah cause it’s absolutely impossible to take just that part out of the suggestions if that was your actual reasoning for doing so.

No I’m not new, you can do this wonderful thing on forums where you click someones profile and you’ll see so you don’t have ask. :wink:

why would i leave something for people to reference
also i can’t discern new players from itos veterans because their intelligence is the same region of low

Because if it’s a suggestion like it was all about really, it shouldn’t matter to you. If you care about people referencing it you shouldn’t post it in the first place. Your petty attitude is hilarious.

Like yourself who can’t even discern something as simple as dates?

I don’t really expect anything with rewards, anymore. Just like in the halloween event, some people, including me, got 300 candies every day and we didn’t get our box. Now we are at the point where we are like why waste so much time giving really good suggestions and details about helping the game mode if you’re just gonna get screwed really hard?

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or why can’t imc learn to play their own game and make something playable and presentable from the start :tired: