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Over Lapping/Merged Guild Houses

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Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 10:00ish am

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[SEA] Telsiai
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I was coming back from gem feud everything was fine. Chilling out in my house, calling Runez to come here to trade cuz Pete doesnt travel. Then when Runez came into the guild house it lagged a bit then all that new stuff appeared. Guild Houses Merged when Runez (Rebellion) came into my (TentacleGrape) guild house for a trade. I tried to remove guild tower but can’t fix. Then Runez went back to his guild house (Rebellion) Tower all his housing items were gone.
Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. I was chllin in my Crib waiting for another guild member to come trade items.
  2. The dude arrived at my sweet looking house.
  3. He click trade me but i didnt click accept cuz i felt i disturbance
  4. Next thing we know our houses were having sex.
    5)The guy went back to his guild house to see why his house items came to have sex with my house items.
  5. the guy realized his items dont want to go back to his house and stay at my house.

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Logged on Today and everything was fixed, like its fine now. But anyways i dunno how the Rebellion house is and they sent a ticket. So i dunno who fixed this?

Hi Pete

We’d submitted a ticket and it seems everything is back to normal now. our furniture is also back to our own rooms. Now i can finally create a rooms for myself.

I would like to thanks for your concern and am glad that everything had been back to normal now.

Also appreciates alot for staff who helped us to sort this thing out.

Yours sincerely