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Over depressed from playing in season server

Greeting developer my love

How u get new player for season server of you dont think about player . From deleting goddes blessed gem from merc badge . Please developer make other news content or event that make us getting more interest for playing , from your season server player h3h3

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So you enjoyed the BG rather the game?

Hello @bayurobyardyaw,

We will take this as feedback and forward it to the development team for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future.

there was no need to remove the bless, just link the blessings purchased at the mercenary shop into the account.

Well, the market was over saturated with Blessed Gems that were being farmed at alarming rate from alt accounts… Now with the change of Silver for Merc coins, i do not think its wise go back with the BG on the Merc shop.

I agree that we need a way to consistently farm Blessed Gems/Shards, because everything consumes buckets:

  • Transcendence consumes more than 300BG for the full set;
  • new recipes are consuming more and more BGs, would need around 250BG to build the end game gears;
  • leveling arts: Just for comparison, ONE enhance level 30(not on itos yet) will cost 150BG…
  • There probably are other stuffs that drains out your Blessed shards/Gems.

Its a problem that is affecting both seasonal servers and main servers.

The market was saturated because people already had their equipment trascended, raising arts requires pages as well and doing it on multiple chars has prohibitive costs, and few equips required BGs.
Now we have new equips to trascend, arts will go up to 30 levels, a lot of different new armors requiring them. Indeed, as you mention on your list, a ton of them will be needed.
And yet we have no good source for them.
If the issue was people funneling those BGs, they could just have made them untradable. Removing them altogether is just a fancy excuse to force people to do Goddess’ Grace, as that’s the only decent source left.


There no way out to get bs or bg for recipe or transcen becouse those item is overprice in market

Dun400 and elite monsters is a joke to you?

On Fedi you can see the same people doing dun 400 over and over with a ton of characters. It’s a chore… but with 10 chars you can make 3 BGs per day. I just hope the “big update” this week will include new CM mode which is supposed to reward with shards.

its a joke for everyone.

So i must make many char for dun and walking around find elite for bs ? Then i spend my whole for this game . Its still a joke ? .

Yes, where do you think all BS on market come from?

If you’re not spending your effort on things, you get nothing.

CMs and GoddessGrace

let him believe that everyone has 40 alts and gets shards with those.
ignorance is bliss.

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